Macross 7 The Flower Girl

Macross 7 The Flower Girl

What was her point exactly? I don't think anyone really knows honestly. She was just there in every single episode trying to give her flowers to Basara. Why? I guess to describe a devoted fan or something. Which I can relate to because I sat through Macross 7. I'm not saying the show is terrible, but considering how amazing the other series have been in the Macross franchise, I'd definitely say it was the weakest by far. Macross 7 basically lets loose and it lets the viewer know it.

Here she is in the opening credits

Here she is in one of the intro's to an episode

Flower Girl really is amazing. She even managed to be a part of the specials Macross 7 put out.

Bad flower girl bad. Eavesdropping is bad even if it's on the one you idolize!

I was amazed when I went through every episode of Macross 7 that she was in every single episode. There was a lot of down time or what?! Most of the time she was in a crowd waiting to hear Fire Bomber in a concert. Or she had her mouth opened in awe. I still can't figure out why she was there in the first place. Maybe because the creators thought she was a funny addition to the show that she was put in there. After all who doesn't like to play "Where's Wally" (Waldo in the USA) while watching tv?

This is the very first time we see her in episode 1

Being short is tough to see at concerts.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4 Other fans are much smarter it seems with their rushing in and attack pushing her aside.

Episode 5

Episode 6 GAMLIN!!!

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9 Flower Girl likes to buy records too.

Episode 10

Episode 11 was so close but...


Episode 12

Episode 13 How cute she has a radio now.

Episode 14 Chilling' with the old people.

Episode 15 Confused but...

...Seeing Basara fixes all.

Episode 16 How cute, Flower Girl is picking flowers!

A shadow interrupts her!

Good thing she goes everywhere with Basara's songs.

Episode 17 A children's play too? Really Flower Girl?

Episode 19 Why thank you!

Episode 20

Episode 21

Little does she know how close she came to having her Spiritia drained. Too much love for Basara is a bad thing it seems! 😛

Episode 22

Watch out for that wind!

Episode 23

Episode 24 GAMLIN!!!

Episode 25

He gave them back to her! XD

Episode 26

Episode 27 GAMLIN!!!

Episode 28

He thought the flowers were for him but she ran away instead of going after Basara.

Episode 29

Episode 30

Episode 31 didn't physically have her in the episode but she was in every picture that was taken of Basara for a magazine. Personally I think that's just a tad creepy and I wonder why there wasn't a little blurb about her in those magazines for being #1 fan. If the writers really wanted to be creative I think they should have done that. Why else was so much time invested in her?

Episode 32

Episode 33 was the worst cameo of Flower Girl. She was just randomly walking by in a blur.

Episode 34

Episode 35

Episode 36

You think she would have learned by now about those windy cliffs.

Bye bye flowers...


Bye bye radio...

Episode 37

Episode 38

Episode 39 reused from episode 38 I believe! XD

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43 if she only looked behind her.

Episode 44

Episode 45 something pretty big happens, but how our little Flower Girl knows about what just happened is a mystery to me. I really liked how such a little movement in her eyebrows can show such a deeper emotion of sadness.

Poor Flower Girl.

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49 the moment we were all waiting for in one way or another.

Singing for Basara!

Basara is here!


Running along side Basara

Such determination...

...For the throw!




So after all that our sweet little Flower Girl accomplishes her sole purpose in Macross 7 and Basara tosses them aside! After all he did have slightly more important things to do.

Flower Girl is what happens when the writers are up at 4am in the morning brainstorming on no sleep. I can't say I enjoyed her character a lot because well... She was weird filler. I don't hate her as much as I did in the beginning either. At first it was like "Oh go away already Flower Girl." but it soon turned into "Will she do it this episode?" or "When will she show up and how?" It gave me something else to look forward to while watching Macross 7. I generally blocked everything out that didn't have to do with Gamlin or Max anyway. I don't understand why Flower Girl likes Basara so much but then again I was never a fan of his myself. Fans do crazy things!

Flower Girl proves she is #1 fan! Only #1 fans go to those limits for their obsession. Weather it's collecting everything and anything the person put out or watching/going to every single show. In a way, Flower Girl is like a lot of anime fans. Sometimes it's nice to obsess over one thing and learn all you can about it and own as much as you can.

Macross 7 The Flower Girl, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


14 Responses to “Macross 7 The Flower Girl”
  1. Wow, that’s dedication getting an image of her from every single episode!

    For no good reason I really liked the Flower Girl. Maybe it’s her determination, it’s kind of cute how she kept trying even though it would never work out as intended. Though in episode 24 she should have accepted the winds of fortune that led her to Gamlin, a much superior individual, hehe. It is one of the good things about Macross 7 in my opinion, that they managed to make a character with no lines and little screentime into a character I actually cared about.

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  2. Emperor J says:

    Glad someone else is willing to talk about the flower girl. I could basically see a point in including her periodically, but it was almost like they were trying to force her to be in every single episode. It’s not a terrible waste of frames from a superficial point of view, though.

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  3. chii says:

    @ExecutiveOtaku lol i don’t think i would have liked seeing her with Gamlin XD

    @Emperor J I personally could have done without seeing her a lot of the time. there’s only so many times i can take seeing her stare off at nothing listening to the music on a windy cliff. At concerts sure i completely understand that though.

    GD Star Rating
  4. This is the epicest foolish thing I’ve ever seen that warms my heart more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you for doing this and may all the good things in this universe be available to you when you want them to.

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  5. Pontifus says:

    Haha, your effort here is heroic, and will not be forgotten.

    I didn’t think of her as filler so much as a running gag, of sorts, and I like how you relate her to anime fans. Fandom is fandom, in the end.

    I can understand M7 being your least favorite Macross sequel, depending on what you want. But I still thought it was stronger than Zero and Frontier. To me, M7’s “letting loose” is its fully embracing the not-always-serious nature of Macross and taking it to the limit, and that’s something I appreciate.

    GD Star Rating
  6. chii says:

    @ghostlightning I’m honoured that you have gotten such joy out of this simple post 😀

    @Pontifus I can see her as a weird running gag for whoever was drawing her but I dunno about anyone else. I think there’s a interesting story there that we are missing!

    M7 may be the least favourite but it is still very high. It got over a passing grade with me at 8/10 so it was still enjoyable just not as much as what the others have brought me. If it wasn’t created Frontier wouldn’t have been as good because it parodied that one more times than I can count. Encore was the best of it all and the other ova and movie were pretty terribly imo

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  7. Tamerax says:

    here is someone else who carried around flowers looking for someone.

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  8. Lu-Shin says:

    This confirms that Basara is the greatest asshole in the Macross Series…

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  9. Lu-Shin says:

    Bye the way, i’m on the 12th episode and the flower girl really becomes annoying… She appeared out of nowhere in this episode…

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  10. chii says:

    She appears in EVERY episode! that is the beauty of our little flower girl XD

    PS I totally hate Basara too

    GD Star Rating
  11. sedrion says:

    nice post my pal but this “flower girl” is the wife of the singer of macross 7 ost nad whas her debut in seyju stage i can remember the name now but whas something bakuman if u search the history of both of thems

    sorry for my english but im from chile

    and feliz año nuevo/happy new year

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  12. Minkky-Sama says:

    i do like Macross 7 not because of Mecha fight scene or Love Triangle , i do like it because of Songs and Basara will to spread his songs as Culture like the Goal that already Set by Captain Global (SDF Macross) the storyline some episode is weird and not as good as Macross Plus , i think the best Episode is Macross 7 Dynamite OVA it’s kind of good story but otherwise he can move that Super DImensional Creature !! it’s really move my Soul . the weakest Macross i ever thought is Macross 2 : Lovers Again because it’s lack of story and really lack of those relationship with 3 of them and it’s go like no where between Hibiki and Silvie (it’s quite have with ishtar) don’t mention about her previous boyfriend Volf i not count on the fact that Macross 2 is not continue from SDF Macross . Macross Plus is stonrg in love and Story about those 2 but the parts i like most is when they test new Prototype and start fight with Isamu and Gald . i totally like Basara not because of it’s make Macross Frontier but because his character will to sings for everyone neither races .

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