365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 162/365 Tiffa Adill

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 162/365 Tiffa Adill

Day 162/365

Tiffa Adill

From the anime Gundam X, Tiffa Adill is a mysterious Newtype girl who always seems to get kidnapped because of these abilities she has. She doesn't consider herself special at all even though she has these abilities. She is generally saved by Garrod (A 15 year old gundam pilot) whom she grows to have strong feelings for.

Why I like her: I like that she has telepathic powers of a sort. More like for objects though. Which is still pretty darn cool. I WANT MIND POWERS DAMNIT!

Why I hate her: She's always getting kidnapped and can't really do anything for herself but cry and go into a little ball of fear. Yeah we get it you saw something horrible...

Overall: Totally understand why this was the only show to get canceled...

Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adill


2 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 162/365 Tiffa Adill”
  1. I can completely understand why a viewer might get fed up with her character. She’s the classic aloof Newtype who also gets the princess treatment. But I also thought the relationship that her & Garrod was one of the better romances I’ve seen in the Gundam metaverse. I much prefer Gundam X to it’s slightly older sibling, Gundam Wing.

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  2. chii says:

    haha that’s funny cause Wing is still my favourite gundam (of what i’ve seen so far) where X is the worst XD although getting a 2/5 isn’t all that bad depending on your point of view XD

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