365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 212/365 Ghastly Garçon

Day 212/365

Ghastly Garçon

From the anime Kaidan Restaurant, Ghastly Garçon is the manager and waiter for the Kaidan Restaurant. He introduces every spoOooky meal during the start of the show and likes to see you off at the end hoping to see you back next time.

Why I like him: He's a waiter ghost! I'd love to go and eat at that restaurant... Providing the food isn't too weird. Eyeball soup, no thank you.

Why I hate him: Impossible. You can see that adorable little bow tie up there right? 😀

Overall: Cute for random horror stories but that's about it.

Yes, ghosts like to boogie down!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 211/365 Toua Tokuchi

Day 211/365

Toua Tokuchi

From the anime One Outs, Toua Tokuchi is a gambler and a baseball pitcher in the game called "One Outs". After losing a game for the first time ever to Kojima, superstar cleanup hitter for the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons, Toua also joins the team but under the One Outs rules.

Why I like him: He's smoking hot. 😛 I really like the way he can think his way out of almost any situation

Why I hate him: Boy oh boy is he ever cocky. There's confidence then there's over the top confidence that is just obnoxious.

Overall: One of the sexiest OP's ever.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 210/365 Uchida

Day 210/365


From the anime Perfect Blue, Uchida is Mima Kirigoe's #1 fan. So much in fact, that he stalks her. His nickname in the anime is "Me-Mania"

Why I like him: Everyone has an obsession with something... Most don't take it to his level though...

Why I hate him: Uber creepy.

Overall: One of the best AMV's ever come from this anime.

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 209/365 Seiji Yagiri

Day 209/365

Seiji Yagiri

From the anime Durarara, Seiji Yagiri is a classmate of Mikado but drops out of school because he has more important things to do, which is finding his love and making a life with her. He is the brother of The Chief of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, Namie Yagiri. She has more feelings for him than just sisterly affection and is quite jealous over Seiji's true love.

Why I like him: Goals about love are awesome. He's completely bonkers but is calm and cool about it. He has his goals and that's all that matters to him. He has some mad skills with a pen too. Once he finds his love some interesting things occur and you almost wonder if he'll still accept her or not.

Why I hate him: Not around enough in the second half of the show XD

Overall: I'm glad he had no "romantic" feelings for his sister. I like weird siblings and all but not when I like the character so much.

Seiji and his love

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 208/365 Genzo Soga

Day 208/365

Genzo Soga

From the anime Tenshi na Konamaiki, Genzo Soga starts off as a punk who takes crap from no one. After being beat up by Megumi (which hasn't happened since he was a little kid) he fell in love with her and joins the Megu-chan Protection Club at their school.

Why I like him: He's a puppy dog over Megumi that keeps coming back for more even though she pushes him away as much as possible. He's always by her side even if he isn't needed to be there, always waiting to lend a helping hand.

Why I hate him: If I had to choose something I guess it would be his hair... lol

Overall: Gender bender anime have always been highly entertaining to me because the secondary cast of these shows are generally all awesome. Genzo is adorable.

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