365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 182/365 Canada

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 182/365 Canada

Day 182/365


From the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers, Canada is well... Canada! AKA Matthew Williams, is the brother of Alfred F. Jones AKA America, but they grew up separately as children. One day Arthur AKA England, made them meet. Canada is known for being very shy, easy going, and avoids fights whenever possible. He is seen with his pet polar bear Kumajirou all the time.

Why I like him: He's quite energetic yet very polite. (Just like Pete) I enjoy the fun stereotypical mannerisms of a Canadian portrayed too.  I like his interesting relationship with America. I totally understand Canada's annoyance when he is mistaken for America. 😛 I also find it hilarious when the other countries don't acknowledge that he is around.

Why I hate him: I can't. That would be like hating myself! (chii is Canadian if readers didn't know already :P)


Always invisible

America making fun of Canada

I am Canadian!

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