365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 231/365 Casshern

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 231/365 Casshern

Day 231/365


From the anime Casshern Sins, Casshern is one of Braiking Boss's top android fighters. Braiking Boss is the one who ruled over the world with an iron fist until a girl named Luna changed all this. Casshern was ordered by Braiking Boss to assassinate Luna and this set in motion the end of the world. Several years later Casshern wanders the land in search of his lost memories of what happened.

Why I like him: He can regenerate his body from any injury no matter how bad. SO JEALOUS.

Why I hate him: Even though he was so bad ass he had this annoying emo side to him that I just couldn't stand.

Overall: Slow series with Casshern just wondering around for a good long time. But the fighting and the story make up for this with the unique drawing style. Great watch.


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  1. I was lukewarm towards Casshern and the anime in general, but like you I really appreciated those battles between him and the other top android warriors. Plus I really enjoyed his ending in this show. You gotta love a guy who knows how to make good use of being immortal.

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