365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 243/365 Murasaki Kuhoin

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 243/365 Murasaki Kuhoin

Day 243/365

Murasaki Kuhoin

From the anime Kurenai, Murasaki Kuhoin is the seven year old daughter of Souju and Renjo Kuhouin. She is being protected by Shinkuro against her family after she was taken away from them by Benika because they have a rule of keeping her in the Inner Sanctuary of their home at all times and never letting her experience the outside world.

Why I like her: She is a child of 7 but knows absolutely nothing so she acts much younger than that in the outside world. She is SO cute. Her wonder about everything is adorable. She always makes me think of THIS song.

Why I hate her: While I completely understand why she acts stubborn, spoiled, and super snobby at times it was almost too much to take.

Overall: For further reading check out Digiboy's Character Database of Love post on this lovely little lady. Picture below done by scotch.

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