365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 244/365 Ikumi Oze

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 244/365 Ikumi Oze

Day 244/365

Ikumi Oze

From the anime Infinite Ryvius, Ikumi Oze is a 16 year old boy who comes from a rich family but pretends that he doesn't. He is best friends with Kouji Aiba and they board the ship Ryvius together after training to become pilots on the space station Liebe Delta.

Why I like him: His past starts off as a huge mystery but as the show goes on it gets opened up greatly. He is but one of the many amazing characters in this show. He shows many sides that I admire. Including a "crazy loving" side. He does show great leadership and does anything he can to protect those that mean most to him.

Why I hate him: Not hate per-say honestly, I was saddened about his situation by the end of the series though.

Overall: Ryvius ends up stranded in space and the many children on board are left to find their own way back. I wasn't expecting much from this plot but all the characters were SO well done. Ikumi shines above them all for me because he shows many faces that lead to the uncertain.

Kozue and Ikumi

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2 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 244/365 Ikumi Oze”
  1. Prede says:

    Ahh Infinite Ryvius, one of my all time favorite series. How did I miss this post? Anyway Ikumi is an interesting character, that’s for sure. And although I liked him in the begining, as the series went on I started to dislike him more and more. I understood what he was going through though, and he’s a very complex and 3 dimensional character. He’s not a cliche or anything, you can tell he’s a real, living person. I felt he sided with the wrong people, and made some terrible choices, although from his persepctive they were for the good of everyone, and more importantly Kozue. While I understand how he feels, his inability to see what he was truly doing bothers me. I was so on Kouji’s side, especially toward the end of the series when he confronted him. My favorite character from the show is without a doubt, Juli Bahana. But Fina and of course Kouji were great too.

    Anyway you rule so much for this post here! Infinite Ryvius was a great show, and anyone trying to convince more people to see it is cool. Great choice on picking Ikumi, even though he bothers me toward the end, he is a very important and interesting character and I understand why he was in the show.

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  2. chii says:

    That’s the best part of this show. amazing character development. not a one stayed the same as they started in the beginning of the show which was just AWESOME. I enjoyed Ikumi and how things spiraled down for him at the end but he did manage to keep it together to some degree.

    His background story was pretty amazing as well. 😛

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