365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 250/365 Subaru

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 250/365 Subaru

Day 250/365


From the anime .hack//Sign, Subaru is the leader of the Crimson Knights in an on-line community that she created with the first user that spoke to her, Crim. She is soft spoken and loved by all. She keeps order within the game. She is the one that bonds with the mysterious player Tsukasa the most.

Why I like her: She is so cute and I love her wings. Ga everything about her is awesome. Her hair, her clothing, her style, just everything. If I ever entered an on-line game like that I'd be just like her... But purple I think 😛

Why I hate her: Scroll over for ***SPOILER*** When we find out about her real life persona it is SO lame to me... I understand her feelings and situation but man I just expected something much, much better...

Overall: I shall get around to the games someday. I've heard good and bad about them but they just interest me so much. I gotta watch .hack//Roots first this week though. I will always be in love with this OP.


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  1. Subaru was a well liked character of mine, from a cast that I pretty much loved the entirety of (except for that head knight guy, heh.) I shipped her and Crim in my mind, even if it was just an online relationship for them. I liked her name too, the same as the Pleiades star cluster in Japanese, which kind of fit her blue-ish outfit too. But yeah, I share your disappointment in the spoiler bit too, though I didn’t let it affect my impression of her much.

    Crim and Sora still tie as my favorites though. Ah, I need to rewatch this series eventually.

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  2. chii says:

    Crim and Sora were both pretty awesome. I didn’t really dislike anyone in the show. After finishing Roots the other day it makes me want to re-watch this to see if it still stands up to my memories of it being awesome

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  3. I don’t know how I missed this post & she’s one of my favorite female characters. She’s just so cute and … well all the stuff you already said. I wanted all the Crimson Knights (especially Silver Knight) to DIAF for giving her so much hell.

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