365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 259/365 Rin Tosaka

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 259/365 Rin Tosaka

Day 259/365

Rin Tosaka

From the anime Fate/stay Night, Rin Tosaka is a fellow student with Shiro. Her secret is that she is a powerful sorceress and Master in the Holy Grail War. Shiro ends up becoming a part of this war since he summoned Saber where Rin failed and got Archer instead. From there on they fight to see who will win this war.

Why I like her: Even though she acts like a perfect student/person when alone she shows a completely different side to her that is just awesome. Her servant Archer is pretty darn delicious too.

Why I hate her: Aside from some annoying "I'm better than you" moments I can't hate her.

Overall: This is actually a VN that I would actually like to play one day. The characters are all so interesting so I'd love to learn more about them and get a better complete story of this world miss Rin lives in.

Rin Tosaka and Archer


2 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 259/365 Rin Tosaka”
  1. Janai says:

    She’s also the queen of zettai ryouiki.

    Hell yes.

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  2. Shiki says:

    It would be Miss Tosaka, but I digress. People get caught up in linguistic/cultural differences and miss the point. Anime is for enjoyment. I also gotta agree with Janai that she is the queen of zettai ryouiki. And the only anime character I own a figurine of, lolz

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