365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 260/365 Ayu Tsukimiya

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 260/365 Ayu Tsukimiya

Day 260/365

Ayu Tsukimiya

From the anime Kanon, Ayu Tsukimiya is a 17 year old girl (even though she doesn't look it) and becomes friends with Yuichi after he moves to the city. She is trying to find something she lost, but she cannot remember what it is so Yuichi tries to help her to find it. She is almost always seen with a taiyaki in her mouth and falls down frequently.

Why I like her: uhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I guess her bag was cute. It made me think of CCS.

Why I hate her: "uguuuuuu" >.< One of the most annoying catch phrases ever. I hated the way she spoke... Her story in general just pissed me off.

Overall: I only got through this show because it was 13 episodes. When the 2006 version came out I knew to stay far, far away from it. I will never, NEVER watch the re-make or play it. I hate Key...

Nomnomnom... Why is she not fatter?


4 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 260/365 Ayu Tsukimiya”
  1. ~Uguu~ says:

    You really need to find one of the Audio CDs from the 2006 version of Kanon – the Tsukimiya Ayu Uguu Voice CD. Yes, the CD consists of Horie Yui saying “Uguu” 86 different ways. Yes, it’s hard to listen all the way through.

    But it’s a masterpiece of Voice Acting. Horie Yui expresses every known human emotion, and some only attributable to alien lifeforms, by uttering a single two-syllable nonsense phrase. It’s nothing short of amazing, and I have never heard anything precisely like it anywhere else.

    Plus, it makes me laugh when one of the tracks comes up when shuffling though my collection.

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  2. Janai says:

    You make me sad.

    Very, very sad.


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  3. Charles says:

    Uguuuu…Aya is one of my favorite characters in any series! I never saw the original Kanon, but the new one is among my favorite anime, largely because of her. Kanon is the most consistent and best of Key’s anime.

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  4. chii says:

    @~Uguu~ first of all lawl at your name 😛 second of all there is NO WAY IN HELL, HEAVEN, OR EARTH that I would EVER listen to that… EVER.. lol!!! the fact that such a thing exists makes me cry

    @Janai I try 😛

    @Charles I have to beg to differ with Kanon being the best of Key’s anime…. Although it is hard to pick which one is the best between all their crap… 😐

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