Satoshi Kon Tribute September 24-27 Anime-Planet: Monthly Marathon

Satoshi Kon Tribute September 24-27 Anime-Planet: Monthly Marathon

Along with Anime-Planet, and since I'm busy this month I've passed on the responsibility to my partner on AP for this event, TheOmnipotentLemur, this Monthly Marathon Event is a tribute to Satoshi Kon. We all mourned the day he was taken from us and he'll be missed greatly. Click on the image below to see the anime list.

The only anime that Satoshi Kon did that I haven't seen is Paranoia Agent so I'll be watching that for sure. I'm excited for it since I've heard nothing but good things about it. He had a small part (Episode 5) to do with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure so I'll probably watch that too. I think it's going to be a lot of violence and action. Texhnolyze is on my want to watch list to finish before the year ends so I'm going for it. I have mixed feelings on it though. And of course there is Monster. A series I've been trying to start ALL YEAR but just can't bring myself to actually push play. I load it into the player and end up watching something else. XD I probably won't end up watching it yet again, but who knows!

I highly recommend watching any of the movies on this list. Satoshi Kon had a part in all of them and they are all truly amazing stories. I might just sit through Millennium Actress again since I think that is my favourite. It's really hard to choose between them all.

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