365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 304/365 Hikiko

Day 304/365


From the anime Urban Legend Story Hikiko, Hikiko is a girl who is abused and bullied by everyone around her because she looks very ill. She basically looks like a zombie. To take revenge she will the drag around a victim's body of someone that was cruel to her alive until it is badly mutilated, just like her.

Why I like her: She takes revenge for people being mean to her! She also hates all bulling not just against her. Her creepy way of running is awesome and not what you would expect from someone who can barely walk.

Why I hate her: She's SO creepy and I don't quite agree with some people that she took revenge on.

Overall: This ova is just like watching a real Japanese horror flick. I highly suggest checking it out tonight on this spOooOOky night. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Fall anime Season 2 Round Up

Sequels you always either look forward to them or dread them. Some people just instantly put a season 2 in their won't watch pile right away if they really hated the first series. I've not gotten the hang of saying NO to a season 2 yet so I've always been stuck watching them. Although this season ALL (ok well one doesn't count see the bottom of the post) of the sequels I actually have been looking forward to. We have a total of 8 this fall! If you aren't interested in sequels check out my mini reviews on all the new anime that is airing. Follow the links from post to post to see them all.

* Means I approve and look forward to watching each week.


To Aru Majutsu no Index 2

So far this lives up to my expectations. A few laughs, some nice action, and a plot.

Why so sad?

*Yumeiro Patissiere 2

More fun baking time. The focus now is growing up, looking at boys, and managing her own Sweets Shop. At least the food aspect is still there. It's still very fun to watch this adorable show each week for me. Only one total disappointment from this season so far though. THE OP IS TERRIBLE. I want my Happy Happy Macaroon back please. Although I'm sure this one will grow on me too...

I nearly peed my pants watching this episode.

*Sora No Otoshimono 2

Fan-service, comedy, harem. Generally these words are POISON to me. In the case of this anime though it's something special. The way they parody everything is just AWESOME. With the addition of a new Angelroid the laughs have been upped greatly. All episodes so far have had me laughing till I almost cried.

Yup, more of this...

Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan 2

I bet it'll be the same kind of meh as season 1 was. It is interesting but not interesting enough. Oh look it's the same. Meh. At least it's pretty.

That's no way to hug!

*Arakawa Under the Bridge 2

This show seriously is the best comedy I've ever watched. Well one of them anyway. I love every character to bits! I love seeing the romance progress between out 2 main characters.

This made me go dawwwwwww

*Letter Bee 2

Lag cries still... But I won't scare off because of that. I love the way this anime looks and I always wonder if Niche will get to eat her Steakeeeee!

Gotta love female pilot fanservice shots.

*Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 2

For some reason I didn't put this title on my preview post but oh well. I haven't played the video game it is based upon either and I actually hadn't seen it's season one or it's ova. So I watched those before starting The Inspector. I gotta say I was most impressed with season one so I looked forward to starting The Inspector and was not disappointed. I still feel I would like it even more if I did in fact play these games. Oh so many games around that I wish to play but will probably never get around to. OH WELL!


Motte To Love-Ru still not watching it just like I said. In truth I just haven't seen S1 and I don't see it as that big of hurry to get around to it.

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Happy Halloween Maria

Zzeroparticle from Anime Instrumentality randomly linked this tune on Twitter and I just had to share it on here. It made me laugh and go @[email protected] at the same time. Happy Halloween everyone!

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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 303/365 Space Monster

Day 303/365

Space Monster

From the anime Archetypes Forces, Space Monster is the dangerous cargo that a medical transport ship is carrying to their destination. They are unaware just how terrible this cargo is though...

Why I like it: No one really knows about it till it's too late. I love how it makes me think of a monster out of Resident Evil or something like that. Just awesome!

Why I hate it: It's really scary and creepy looking.

Overall: A fun short space survival anime that has an awesome twist at the end!


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365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 302/365 Maho Minami

Day 302/365

Maho Minami

From the anime Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Maho Minami is Ryusuke's sister and a very talented singer. Since Maho and her bother were in America for a long time they both speak better English than Japanese. She develops an interesting relationship with Yukio.

Why I like her: I guess her singing was ok...

Why I hate her: Flip flop mind games with Yukio even though he wasn't much better in interacting with her either. Tales of growing up teen angst just drive me bonkers at times. She always made me think she was on her period... >.<

Overall: Sadly this is another show that was hyped up SO much for me that when I actually did watch it I ended up hating almost everything about it. I think I only enjoyed about 2 episodes out of the whole thing... Picture above by haruyama. Looking at their heads in the video below just creeps me out too... 😐

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