365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 279/365 Joichiro Nishi

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 279/365 Joichiro Nishi

Day 279/365

Joichiro Nishi

From the anime Gantz, Joichiro Nishi is a veteran of the Gantz world who arrived a good year before Kei, Masaru, and the others in the new batch of Gantz players. While running away from police officers after shoplifting, he fled onto an apartment building roof where he fell to his death. Death is how Gantz chooses its players. He is very close to winning when the new group arrives and is willing to do anything to get his prize.

Why I like him: He is highly skilled at what he was tossed into. He trusts no one which I think helped him get as far as he did in the "game". I enjoyed his arrogance in thinking he was better than everyone else because he survived this long. That way of thinking was highly justified in my opinion.

Why I hate him: Scroll over for ***SPOILER*** His death was sad even if he was an arrogant ahole.

Overall: I'd love a season 2 made of this anime. But I think I'll have to settle for the manga which I'll get around to someday... Picture below by visualcat.


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  1. Prede says:

    I really liked Nishi ! He was my favorite character in the entire series. Nishi was the man! Total badass in every way. I totally agree with your spoiler there btw. Yay for picking another character and show I know about! =D

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