365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 285/365 Shiokaze Umino

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 285/365 Shiokaze Umino

Day 285/365

Shiokaze Umino

From the anime Virgin Fleet, Shiokaze Umino is a student at the Nakano Naval Academy's special school for girls. This school was created for young ladies to harness their virgin energy. This energy can call upon a special fighting power that could save Japan from complete destruction.

Why I like her: Shiokaze starts off engaged to a young man named Mau Sakisaka. This was a cute start to this weird ova since she has to stay a virgin in order to keep her special powers when Mau would like to take that away from her once married. I like her fun loving attitude to everything and of all the girls she seems to have the best control over this super virgin power.

Why I hate her: I don't.

Overall: With a name like Virgin Fleet you would expect some fanservice, no? Well sorry to disappoint but you will find none of that in this fun 3 episode ova. Just a weird story about girl virgin's with special powers cause their cherry hasn't been popped yet!

Mau Sakisaka and Shiokaze Umino. Future husband and wife.


2 Responses to “365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 285/365 Shiokaze Umino”
  1. Predederv says:

    You mean I’m NOT the only person on the planet to watch Virgin Fleet (I call it Strike Witches…before we have Strike Witches!!) ? I even own the dvd! Uh-hem. It was a cute littler series. It had some funny/cool moments in it, and the characters were likable if not well developed. Watching this show is a good way to spend an afternoon.

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  2. chii says:

    man i thought i would have mentioned that it was strike witches before strike witches since that’s what i was thinking the entire time i watched this wonderful ova.

    strike witches fans would totally complain about there being a lack of fanservice though XD

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