365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 287/365 Annette

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 287/365 Annette

Day 287/365


From the anime Super Atragon, Annette is a Subterranean and the advisor of the ship Ra that is controlled by the Japanese Military. She isn't the only one of her kind on Earth though. Her counterpart, Avatar, is the advisor of the ship Liberty that is controlled by the American Military. During WWII these ships meet in battle and met their supposed doom. Years later, when the Earth is being attacked by strange hovering rings that can bend time and space does the Ra once again become necessary with the help of the mysterious girl Annette.

Why I like her: She is very strong willed and I enjoy the mystery surrounding her as well. I liked the relationship she formed with Go Arisaka as well. Romance sub-plots rarely interested me but this one was well done for my tastes. I enjoyed the rivalry she had with Avatar as well and wish we could have learned more about it.

Why I hate her: Even though she seemed powerful she always had the damsel in distress feeling going on too. All she wanted to do was save people but it always felt like she was the one being saved.

Overall: A really good older ova that I think more people should watch. A wonderful hidden treasure.

Go Arisaka and Annette

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