First Impressions of Fall Anime Batch 1

First Impressions of Fall Anime Batch 1

Fall and Spring always have the most anime airing and there's generally always something to make people happy. Here are my first impressions on some fall anime so far. They are based on the first 3 episodes. Only one dislike in this batch! Woooo!

* Means I approve and look forward to watching each week.

Flashy as ever Mr. Stark.


Well it actually came out this time hehe and I was impressed. It wasn't anything mind blowing but I'm totally entertained by Mr. Stark speaking Japanese XD. I kind of hate the reporter chick but maybe she'll get better as the show moves along... I really hope she does anyway. I'm very interested in this Zodiac enemy that Tony has to face delaying his retirement.

I hate you 🙂

Just so people know I have not read any comic books or anything else relating to Ironman except those 2 movies that are out so I'm just sitting back and enjoying not comparing it to anything.


Why did you just say that?! WHY DID I SAY THAT!?!?


Lots of people were excited about this anime emerging from it's manga pages and I can see why. I was afraid that it was going to fall flat for me but the characters pulled through wonderfully for me. I'm going to look forward to seeing these boys work to make their dream come true. The ending of episode one was priceless and episode two's ending left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Yeah ok...


Episode one didn't impress in the slightest. So what he gets off on getting whapped around a few times. Insert an angry school girl that will somehow cure him by hitting him around more... Yeah right... Seems like another excuse for a girl to physically abuse a man anime.

Sad but overused...

I can't say that as I watched the next 2 episodes my feelings changed to like either. It tried to make me like it though I'll give it that much. It got a little bit of a story with the chick who can't help to hit men because some senior of hers abused her. But that's not really all that interesting to me at all and honestly just makes things a little awkward for me. I think the anime it trying for drama but there's too much "comedy" there to take anything really seriously.


My Little Sis­ter Can’t Be This Cute / Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Yet another anime that was one that a lot of people were looking forward too. With episode one I couldn't really figure out why honestly. It was your typical anime obsessed person trying to keep it a secret from everyone but oh whoops someone finds out! I can't relate to that since I never once in my life kept liking something a secret except for maybe a crush on a boy LOL

New friends!

Episode 2 though wow. It won me over because of the inserted extra characters. They made the show 10 times more funny and omg these children have TWO parents AND they appear in the show! How much more they will appear will depend where the story goes but that's ok as long as her new found anime friends stick around. Saori Makishima is love.

*insert evil stare here*

Psychic Detect­ive Yakumo / Shinrei Tantei Yakumo

I'm disappointed with this anime but it's not all that bad, since it could be worse. It's really slow and so far the story hasn't been all that interesting although there was one part at the very end of episode 1 that caught my attention. Can't say much else about the rest of the episodes. A lot of people have been comparing the show to Ghost Hound. Which I have haven't watched but I can totally see why they think that way looking at the synopsis. I'm worried that with this pacing it won't really go anywhere since it is scheduled to have 13 episodes. Unless things start to pick up this will be tossed into the potential anime pile but fell short.

First Impressions of Fall Anime Batch 1, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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