Kuragehime 01 Enter the Jellyfish

Kuragehime 01 Enter the Jellyfish

Fall is being invaded by sea life! With the recent Shinryaku! Ika Musume with some pretty cute squid girl and now Kuragehime with our lovely Jellyfish Princess. I fancy myself a potato princess so I can relate to jellyfish princesses as well.







Right away we are captured with a lovely memory of Tsukimi seeing some awesome jellyfish in an aquarium and being with her mother, during childhood. Her mother loves the way the jellyfish look and wishes to make a wedding dress for her daughter. This little story was SO adorable to me because I was actually thinking the same thing while looking at the jellyfish. Jellyfish are pretty, elegant, and strange creatures. So can a wedding dress as well.

The OP is simply amazing in every way. Imagery was classic and the song fit the mood perfectly. I really enjoyed seeing the characters from the show in big time movie moments such as Star Wars, Kill Bill, Marry Poppins, and Singin' in the Rain just to name a few. This is the best OP of the fall season. (Best show too :P)

I love how spooky the introduction to these girls is!

We meet a lovely bunch of girls with interesting hobbies and interests. They all live together in an all girls apartment building called Amamizukan and this is where Tsukimi finds her new home to be while in Tokyo. These girls hate boys and fashionable things. They just prefer to stick together in their awkwardness and focus on their own hobbies. Understandable since I don't think they ever fit in with the "cool" crowd growing up. Which I can relate to. Not that I ever wanted to fit in to begin with hehe.

Jellyfish otaku

Jellyfish otaku is our main girl Tsukimi Kurashita. I love how she is a typical pretty plain girl. I especially love her eyebrows! They are hilariously bushy but not overly exaggerated to look ugly as lets say, Juno. She seems to be the most down to earth girl out of her otaku friends. But that's not to say she doesn't have her quirks of course. I mean she is a Jellyfish otaku after all!

Train otaku

Train otaku Banba is just weird to me. I don't connect with her train love at all and her "style" is just bizarre to me. It's very weird for a girl to have such a crazy afro. She really makes me think of Masumi Okuyama from Nodame Cantabile. She barely even has me convinced that she is really a girl. lol

Fujoshi otaku's door

Fujoshi otaku Mejiro, whom never leaves her room apparently and writes a popular BL manga. I can't wait till we may see her. If not that's ok too! Hikikomori are AOK by me.

Doll otaku

What a pretty doll








Doll otaku Chieko seems nice. She does look like a girl that would eat anything around her though. Other than that not much of an impression she left on me.

Old men otaku???

Old men otaku Jiji I really have no idea what exactly her obsession is. She has pictures of older men all over her room and lots of posters too. Maybe she really likes old men movies, I'm not sure. I can't wait to really figure out what it is that she likes so. It seems like something I could possibly be able to relate to since I love Ristorante Paradiso's old men so much. Let alone any yaoi manga I come across that just happen to have OLDER men in them 😀 Classy!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms otaku

Xiahou Dun!!!







Romance of the Three Kingdoms otaku Miss Mayaya. This would be me if I was in this anime. I'm in love with ROTK as well and will watch, play, or read anything that has to do with it. She is hilariously lanky and seems to be full of weird energy. She's always moving around like a dancer but it's more like a dancer that doesn't know how to dance at all! Hands down my favourite otaku girl.

GOATS?! Hell yes!

There is some delightfully adorable things that happen while nothing else is really happening in the show. I've come to really enjoy the background scenery. The bustling of random people walking along and building shots have especially stood out to me. The ED stands out very well for this because of it's simple hopscotch scenery on the left while small other things take place on the right side of the screen. I love the way it was drawn as well. Looks very child like but has great detail. Makes me think of Kemono no Souja Erin almost.







I gotta say that I really like the middle of the episode commercial break screen too. SO ADORABLE!

Just who is that interestingly dressed beauty?







When Tsukimi meets a gorgeous woman whom helps her get a jellyfish from a store, I instantly knew that she was indeed a he. It was something about the voice and well in the craziness of that outfit he was wearing. It was really fun later on when Tsukimi finds out his gender though. I agree with Caraniel's thoughts about him as well.

I like that she tried on a strangers wig XD

Only to turn around and see...









Nice reaction

I shall be eagerly awaiting episode 2. ^__^ Like adaywithoutme says, I’d love to move in with these women! It would be an adventure everyday!

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    4 Responses to “Kuragehime 01 Enter the Jellyfish”
    1. Shinmaru says:

      Pretty good first episode. I think what really stands out about it is how well-executed it is — everything seems on target and focused like the creators actually WANT you to stick around and watch, which seems to be the opposite of what most first episodes do.

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    2. VucubCaquix says:

      There’s a lot of love being lavished on these characters, which in turn shows a love for the audience that identifies with them.

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    3. chii says:

      @Shinmaru pretty much how I felt about the first ep 😀 I can’t wait to see what they have in store and really hope it doesn’t disappoint (which i doubt it will)

      @VucubCaquix if there’s one thing people love it’s identifying with characters from shows. Especially when it’s in a good way ^_^

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