Day 1 of Pokemon Workout! Pikachu is a Jerk

Day 1 of Pokemon Workout! Pikachu is a Jerk

So today I actually started! I wanted to yesterday but things got pretty busy and I ended up having no time. I was going to start Tuesday but I had just gotten home from Ottawa on Monday night so I was still feeling under the weather because of the travel involved. Anyway here we are today starting finally!

Guess that Pokemon Episode 1

Guess that Pokemon Episode 2









~~~Guess that Pokemon answers at the end of this post!~~~

Day 1!

We managed... Oh yeah by the way I'm totally making my boyfriend do this with me because well why not. He needs to get fit too! Anyway! We managed to get through 2 episodes. I was rather impressed with myself since I figured I would only be able to do 1 at the most on the first day and that's what I planned for.

I started with 10 minutes on the bike then switched to my stretches and other cardio exercises for 20 minutes. Attempted to get back on the bike for the last 10 minutes but only managed 5 of those. I won't try that again till a little later down the road methinks. My boyfriend did the bike for 30 minutes and then for the last 10 minutes he did weights. We were both pretty tired at the end of those 40 minutes but not crazy out of breath or anything. This tells me we aren't THAT much out of shape which is very encouraging.

Sleepy head

Episode 1 - Pokemon, I Choose You!

Ash Ketchum begins his Pokemon journey, following in the footsteps of his father according to his mother. Ash has wanted to get his first Pokemon for quite some time now and Professor Samuel Oak will be the one to give him his first one. Sadly Ash sleeps in and gets there very late. After running into a rival once Ash arrives at Professor Oak's, he is even more eager to get his Pokemon and get going on his journey to be the best Pokemon master of all. A rough Pokemon is given to Ash after his first 3 choices were already taken by kids that were on time. Pikachu enters and they start their interesting relationship.

No Pokemon left, oh noes!

Cute! They are playing!









I've seen this episode now about 10 times now or something weird and stupid like that. But it has been a really, really long time since I have watched any Pokemon. I still can't believe how cheesy the English version is. The Professor says some silly sayings from time to time but in general has good advice for Ash. Ash's mother is a special lady. She's kind of a fruitcake honestly and has an odd obsession with making sure Ash changes his underwear. Ahhh immature humour. We see the Professor's grandson Gary briefly. He's a stuck up egotistical brat honestly. Then again, I can see why he's like that since his grandfather is a Pokemon expert after all.

Jealous Spearow is mean!

Poor little Pikachu.









Ash and Pikachu wanter off on their new journey and things aren't going so well for Ash since Pikachu doesn't like him one bit. Pikachu is kind of a dick about it all honestly but it is after all a very stubborn Pokemon. I do love Pikachu and all but there's plenty of cuter ones out there that attract me more. The run into some mean Spearow and Pikachu ends up wounded. This is where Ash meet Misty fishing. He quickly takes her bike and rushes off to a Pokemon hospital to help his Pokemon. I think I'll be ok if I actually never watch this episode again. It was really fun this time though watching my boyfriend watch it for the first time ever. That alone was worth it.

Team Rocket appears!

Episode 2 - Pokemon Emergency!

After "borrowing" Misty's bike Ash arrives in Viridian City where he seeks out the Pokemon hospital with the help of Officer Jenny to help Pikachu. Team Rocket's, Jessie, James, and Meowth first appear this episode and attempt to take Pokemon from the hospital in hopes that there will be some rare ones that they can take back to their leader.

Officer Jenny is ditsy but helpful.

Nurse Joy is very sweet and cares for Pokemon a lot.









Ash sits and waits for news about his Pokemon from nurse Joy. He calls his mother to get some encouraging words then receives a phone call from the professor randomly. I found it odd that announcements were made for Team Rocket and that either of them weren't bothered by this. They really are the lamest duo ever. Beloved but oh so very dumb. I'm kind of glad their Pokemon Meowth talks because he does add some sense to what's going on where Jessy and James don't have much of that between the two of them. When they do their famous speach for the first time for Ash he has no clue what is going on and I honestly don't blame him one bit.

Imaginary background...

Kind of looks lame in real life...









Pikachu shows some respect to Ash by saving the day from the bad guys. Misty is impressed and now Ash has a new journey partner. At least till she gets her bike back! Pokemon is REALLY easy to watch while you aren't looking at the screen I've noticed. Sometimes it even makes those small boring parts enjoyable. I think it's only a matter of time before I start singing along to the OP. But I do see myself getting annoyed with Team Rocket's speech very soon...

I think I want Pokeball lights!

Now THAT is a generator! lol









Overall Thoughts: I think this is going to work very well as long as I keep at it and don't give into laziness.

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: "Why are we watching Pokemon while doing this?"

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers~~~



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    I was hoping for a Pokemon Karaokemon

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  2. chii says:

    lol we’ll see about that later down the road XD

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