Day 2 of Pokemon Workout! Two more in the Group

Day 2 of Pokemon Workout! Two more in the Group

Guess that Pokemon Episode 3

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Day 2!

There would have been a workout session on the weekend but my boyfriend left for the weekend to go out of town. Since we are doing it together I didn't feel right watching an awesome episode of Pokemon without him! Even though I'm sure he wouldn't have cared. But I insisted that he needed to know if Ash could catch another Pokemon or not!

We decided on only one episode for todays workout since his back is hurting him a little for some reason and well mine is in worse condition since Friday. I think Thursdays workout might have been a little too much. My abs area was sore 2 days after it which I expected but my back pain moved into my leg worse than normal. I do think that the weather highly effected that as well though.

Biking was done for all of the bf's workout while I did just the 10 minutes again. I did some fun ball crunches along with normal ones. Also managed some of those stretches that help relieve my back pain only when I do them. I kind of wish I could be in those positions all the time because I really don't remmeber what it is like to be pain free.

If only he actually had to battle to capture his first Pokemon...

Episode 3 - Ash Catches a Pokémon

Surprise! Ash actually catches a new Pokemon! 2 to be exact actually. Unlike his failure in episode 2. Misty keeps following Ash even though she hates his new bug Pokemon, Caterpie. I can understand how she is afraid of bugs but this is a Pokemon! Not quite the same thing as a normal bug in my opinion. I do suppose a bigger bug equals more fear. I'm not overly afraid of bugs myself but I can relate to being afraid of something small and squirmy *looks at mice and cries*.

Yay another one!

When a Pidgeotto appears Ash sees another chance to capture a new Pokemon but without thinking he sends out poor Caterpie to fight it. I mean really? Logically most people know birds eat bugs! RIGHT?! So why or how he expects Caterpie to win against a Pidgeotto is beyond me. All I can think is poor little Caterpie while I watch him get beaten up till Pikachu finally steps in and shocks that bird. Ash was able to capture it at that point making his Pokemon total a whole 3 now. I'm glad Misty chewed Ash out for trying to get the bird Pokemon with a bug one. What a dumb-ass.

Pokemon chat under the moonlight. Romantic?

Pikachu and Caterpie decide to chat on a tree stump while Ash and Misty sleep through the night. I can only assume Caterpie is upset that he has not evolved as fast as he would like. We see a Butterfree sparkling through the moonlight sky and poor Caterpie gets tear filled eyes. Pokemon have dreams too! While this scene was cute, it was WAY too long. I did laugh when Pikachu actually looked like he was PIKAing to the audience watching like we should help motivate Caterpie or something.

I love the puff of smoke.

I would not want to wake up to them either.









After this small win and a rest, it's time for everyone's favourite Team Rocket to appear. I'm annoyed with their speech already but I do enjoy how their silly moves change around slightly each time while saying it. The background for this one was amusing. Not too sure why it was so dark though. Maybe to show how much "bad guys" they really are! XD

I actually really like this shot of them.

Team Rocket once again tries to capture Pikachu but to everyones surprise Caterpie comes to the rescue, kicks their butts, and ends up evolving at the end of the episode right before Misty was about to accept him. That little Caterpie sure is a determined little bug! Instead of an actual ED this time we got to see the Pokerap! I totally forgot how cheesy it was.. Honestly I did forget that it even existed.


😮 😮









Overall Thoughts: I don't like how much I'm hurting after today's one episode and really want to do more tomorrow but we'll see how I feel in the morning. 😐

Boyfriends Overall Thoughts: "There better not be a 'Pokerap' at the end of all the rest of the episodes."

~~~Guess that Pokemon answers~~~


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