Pokemon Workout!

Pokemon Workout!

So, I've been planning this exercise thing for a good long time now. It was one of my new years personal goals to accomplish this year but I didn't take it to the level I'm about to (the most I've done is go out for walks) because like always my health is so up and down. I was also doing some pretty wacky stuff with my back earlier on this year medical wise so I didn't really want to interfere with that. Since things have eased lately I've decided to finally start working out.

No more being a Slowpoke

I'm going to start attempting a regular schedule for getting into better shape starting next week. I figure I'll start off with 2 or 3 days a week in the beginning and hopefully I'll be able to start doing more days after a while. Why is this called "Pokemon Workout" you are asking at this point I'm sure. Well the goal is to watch one or 2 episodes of Pokemon while working out. Why not mix what I love watching with actually making me a little more fit? I will be posting after each workout about 1 or 2 Pokemon episodes along with my getting fit thoughts and what I feel my progress is like. I will not be posting any weird videos like this or images of me actually working out. XD I'm going to start off with the very first Pokemon series. I look at this as trying to get back to those younger years.

Don't wanna turn into a Jigglypuff

I've made this little starters list that I'll be following at first. I hope to be adding more "challenges" to this as I progress to see what works and what doesn't.

Workout Plan

"Fun" challenges:

Push ups or curl ups during the opening and ending credits.
Jumping jacks when team rocket appears and they say their catch phrase.
At the halfway point while "guess that Pokemon" is happening speed up whatever doing at the time.

Main exercises during the first half and second half of show:

- Ride bike
- Arm/ leg weight training / planks
- Special stretching that I learned from my physiotherapist to not hurt my back
- Ball exercises

The above main exercises are made for 2 Pokemon episodes in a row. It will most likely just be one at first so I'll pick and choose which I feel like doing. I do hope to get it up to a whole hour at some point but baby steps first for me.

Going to get energetic like Pikachu!

Fitness is always on a person's mind that sits behind a computer. Office workers especially are always looking for ways to keep them from turning chubby. So after being basically stuck doing nothing for about 3+ years now due to my decline in health, I do not wish to turn into a fat blob at all. I'm no where near being overweight but I don't want to get there either. With this I hope to prevent what happens to most of us with little activity and keep the pounds from creeping higher and higher till it's too late. Even though it's never too late to start loosing weight and get back into shape!

I suppose we can call this a tad inspired by Training with Hinako, although I won't need to watch her on the screen each time I do my workouts. I think cute little Pokemon will do the trick nicely for me instead of bouncing boobies. Even the cute Wakey Wakey Exercise that Sumomo does, I think is just a little too annoying for me.

Sometimes I wonder why they haven't started talking to me too...

Also since I've got people here, starting next week I'm going to be doing a series of posts every Tuesday called "Tuesday Tally". Since I watch a lot of anime I thought it would be fun to keep a list around for a while to see just how much I've actually watched in a week going by each day. I'll be keeping a list over on my small blog on AnimePlanet and at the end of each week I will post a bigger one over here with more thoughts and reaction to what I have viewed. Thinking about adding a "Manga Monday" or maybe more suited to me a "Movie Monday". I'm still debating over which project to start for that.

If anyone has any suggestions out there for workout tips, I'm all ears. ^_^ Pokemon Workout here I come!

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6 Responses to “Pokemon Workout!”
  1. Nomadichu says:

    chiiii is awesome <3

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  2. Yumeka says:

    I think the workout is a great idea!

    I spend way too much time at the computer, so earlier this year I bought a used elliptical and run a mile on it every evening. I actually did try to watch Pokemon episodes on my laptop while exercising, but my elliptical is really noisy ~_~ So now I just use headphones with my DSi and listen to music (there’s no TV in the living room where the elliptical is).

    Hope Pokemon Workout works for you! =)

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  3. glothelegend says:

    A good workout is playing DDR for an hour. Of course, this only serves as a good workout if you can do all of the levels on Expert. I’ll break a serious sweat playing DDR, and I’m in pretty good shape too.

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  4. Morendo says:

    Hey I used to do the same thing while watching various episodes of Urusei Yatsura (or something else i’ve already seen before and don’t need to follow closely) I’d work out on this kinda stepping stairs thing while lifting some weights. I like your idea of engaging yourself in the show when different events happen, if only to spruce things up. Pokemon is an interestin’ choice. Didn’t you have any other shows in mind or was pokemon the winner?

    and …I think maybe a plausible idea could be …”Whenever Brock starts hitting on a female, do some windmills” or some other activity.

    and the reason I quit …well that’s … something I’d rather talk to people in private about 😛

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