12 Days of Christmas and the Not so Secret Santa Projects

12 Days of Christmas and the Not so Secret Santa Projects

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It's that time of year again! Bloggers are called to gather and remember some awesome anime moments that they have experienced throughout the year and sum it up in 12 awesome posts. Last year I did some "Romance Gushy Moments" because I was new at the whole blog thing and didn't quite get what was going on, but it looked fun! This year I've decided to take a look at a few things from this year that I have experienced along with some fun favourite stuff. I'm going to follow Desu ex Machina's way from last year and actually use the song lyrics in my post titles. I thought that was an extra cute touch. Look forward to it starting on December 14th of next week, going straight till the 25th!

Christmas blog presents!

Reverse Thieves will be again doing their Secret Santa Project this year. It's been in the planning since October and for some reason I never noticed in time till the very end when everyone actually started talking a lot about it, so I'm not actually part of this particular project. I will however, be doing something fun that I have named Not so Secret Santa. During late November I picked 7 blog buddies of mine to pick one series each that they thought I should have watched by now. My only restriction on this was it had to be a 12-26 episode series and have no related series attached to it. Who and which anime they have chosen will be a secret until I start publishing the reviews. They will start on December 19th and run straight till the 25th. So far these titles have given me much fun while watching and I can't wait to get these fun reviews out there. ^_^ Look forward to them!

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Oh and one more little extra bit of news here. I'll once again be doing 4 posts starting on the 28th reviewing all the past 2010 anime by which season they aired in. I had a lot of fun doing that last year and I know it'll be even more fun this year!

Lots of fun stuff coming up in the month of December! Gonna be busy, busy!


3 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas and the Not so Secret Santa Projects”
  1. Shinmaru says:

    Looking forward to all the fun posts! Still need to square away all my 12 moments, haha. And, uh, start on my Secret Santa anime. At least I have it downloaded now. >>;

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  2. chii says:

    I just realized now that for one whole week there will be 3 posts per day! 😛

    I have a good plan set for the 12 moments posts but I’m still iffy on one or 2 of them XD one week to decide! I can’t wait to check out yours 😀

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