365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 338/365 Maria

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 338/365 Maria

Day 338/365


From the anime A.LI.CE, Maria is a highly skilled Robot. She looks exactly like a human being because she was made to be a waitress. She lives with Yuan and more than enough times her strange skills have come in handy for him and his new friend, Alice. Together the 3 of them will work to get Alice back to where she belongs.

Why I like her: Random humour in a pretty terrible show. Even if the humour wasn't intentional on her part at all.

Why I hate her: Her outfits are terribly ugly. What's with that stupid anchor? What's with the collar that should have a leash attached to it? Why does she change half way through the movie? Why is this robot making me ask all these strange questions!?

Overall: Maria seems to be a pretty popular single name for characters in anime. Check out my review of this movie.


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