365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 355/365 Oji Tanaka

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 355/365 Oji Tanaka

Day 355/365

Oji Tanaka

From the anime Black Heaven, Oji Tanaka once was the lead guitarist of Black Heaven. Now he is a middle aged man salary man who is married and has a kid. He misses the good old days terribly. One day he gets approached by an agent of sorts to give her that sound he use to play back in the day.

Why I like him: He gets back that musical charm he had been searching for. Broken mended dreams are a nice thing to see a person get when they have abandoned all hope for it. He still can rock out on a guitar even though he let that dream go. A lot of people get pretty darn rusty without practice but he seems to have a wonderful natural talent for it.

Why I hate him: For some reason the way he treated his wife was just kind of off to me... I mean she wasn't a pleasant person for the most part but it still just rubbed me the wrong way. He had a lot of tantrums in the show too. I just felt weird seeing a grown man freak out just a little too much over things.

Overall: It's like watching a really strange macross with a middle aged lame dude as the lead.

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  1. […] Oji Tanaka is a boring salary worker who has a wife and child. He is completely depressed with the way his life has turned out. He misses music greatly and the only thing that lets him remember his past is an old guitar he use to play in his old band, Black Heaven. His wife doesn't seem to care about his music feelings all that much and mainly focuses on caring for their son. Oddly enough one day while at work Oji meets a new sexy worker named Layla Yuki. She ends up changing his life greatly. She ends up being an alien who needs him to make that godly sound he use to when he was in his band. She needs help to win her war in space and his music is key to running their ultimate weapon! Fuck yeah! […]

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