365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 356/365 Masaru Hananakajima

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 356/365 Masaru Hananakajima

Day 356/365

Masaru Hananakajima

From the anime Sexy Commando, Masaru Hananakajima is a quirky new transfer student to Wakame High, he left for 3 months right after he joined and defeated all members of all martial arts clubs in the school. Upon returning he created the Sexy Commando Club based on the "Sexy Commando Guide Book" he found while he was gone on his 3 month "vacation".

Why I like him: He's completely awesome crazy. His crazy logic just works. Oddly enough I like those weird rings he wears on his shoulders that he beat up some aliens in order to keep. His hair stands up on end with them on which is highly amusing to me. I really like the strange names he gives out to his friends and foes.

Why I hate him: How can I hate a man who loves mustaches?!

Overall: If you like over the top weird humour seriously check this out. You will wonder why you keep watching it but it just sucks you in. The 10 minute episodes help getting through it a lot too because it does get a little dry towards the end.

Your guess is as good as mine!


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  1. […] Masaru Hananakajima is quite possibly one of the strangest school boys you'll ever see. After enrolling in a new school he immediately takes on all the martial arts clubs and somehow beats them all. He is not liked because of this and possibly might be why he decided to leave for 3 months for some "exploring time". Whatever that honestly means… During this time he comes across a book that changes his life completely. The book is called the "Sexy Commando Guide Book" and thus this story begins with the new Sexy Commando Martial Art Club where you confuse your enemy with whatever! Mother helping child pee pose! How cute? […]

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