365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 359/365 Melfina

365 Days of Anime Characters: Day 359/365 Melfina

Day 359/365


From the anime Outlaw Star, Melfina is a bio-android created by Professor Gwen Khan using ancient biotechnology found within the Grave of the Dragon ruins. She navigates the Outlaw Star from within a cylindrical chamber on the bridge. She has no idea what her real purpose in life is and Gene Starwind promises to help her find the answers to her question.

Why I like her: She adds some really fun moments in the show without acting like a total bimbo. Her and Gene developed a very interesting relationship as the series went along. It was really something watching those two interact. I did like that she was needed to control the ship too. I laugh that she had to be naked in a tube to do it but it was still great.

Why I hate her: Nope.

Overall: I feel a little more complete having finally watched this amazing treasure. I loved it.

Picture done by LivingDoll2

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