On the Eleventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Eleven Awesome Memories

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Eleven Awesome Memories

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Eleven Awesome Memories,
Ten Flashy Pantsu,
Nine Silly Catgirls,
Eight Transformations,
Seven Gundam Universes,
Six Macross Titles,
Five Delicious Openings,
Four Quirky One Shots,
Three Big Contenders,
Two Amazing Rivals,
and Char Aznable on a Horse

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It's always fun to look back over the year and really think about what has happened. In this post I shall remember anime related moments but not specifically from anime. After all the people around me are what make anime worth keeping up with on-line.

Anime North

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Anime Boston

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Aniblog Tourney Thingy

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Being so new as a blogger I was rather shocked that Scamp added me to be in this. I made it to the 2nd round and almost the 3rd but was beaten. I honestly was shocked to even make it past round 1! It was really fun watching how everyone reacted to this as well. It certainly had people in a buzz for the months it was going on.

Anime Birthday

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I started tweeting last year but this year it really took off since I started blogging. I've had so many great converstations on there and I'd like to think I've made several new friends as well. I love keeping tabs on what people are doing at that very moment especially when the tweets are anime related. It's a real joy during an anime season to watch the tweets pour in as a new episode of whatever anime people are really liking airs.




This only recently has started happening but every time I get on there with bloggers I just can't help but to smile. Watching Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket with fellow Gundam fans was just awesome. I can't wait to watch more great anime with even more great people!


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Anime-Planet is a huge part of my on-line anime life as most probably know by now. As I near my 1900th anime on there I can only hope that more and more great anime will come out in the years to come as the picking are getting slimmer than they use to be. Late last year this Monthly Marathon Club started but I've done one every single month over the last year. It has been super fun putting on these events for people to gather and watch anime together in groups and talk about the shows. There's actually one that just started today.

Oishii Anime

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365 Days of Anime Characters has been a blast. I'm not sure at the moment if I'm sad or happy that it's almost over!

The Cart Driver

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Scamp's No Anime is Dropped Forever Series was rather fun to read. I always looked forward to these posts even if I hadn't seen the anime in question. There's just something facinating about people going back to a series they thought wasn't worth their time and actually watching it.


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Yet another site change transformation sequence. He's the blog I've been reading for the longest and partially responsible for me starting my own blog. I really love his blogging series Diary of an Anime Lived and his newly created Character Database of Love. I've contributed to the Diary Series before and still have 3 more I could and will add when I actually sit down to write them. I'm eagerly awaiting this present that will appear for me on the 31st.

We Remember Love

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Since this year I went through both Macross and Gundam titles, ghostlightning and mechafetish's site about remembering love was always a click away whenever I was viewing anything related to either series. When the background changed to these "pretty silver moon stars" I nearly peed my pants with excitement... That might be a little odd for most people in more ways than one but I think it works!

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