On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Three Big Contenders

On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: Three Big Contenders

On the Third Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
Three Big Contenders,
Two Amazing Rivals,
and Char Aznable on a Horse

The famous Peach Garden Oath.

The new famous Peach Garden Oath.








This moment of 2010 is sort of a let down for me. The new and improved Romance of the Three Kingdoms series started airing in Japan this spring. It was set for fall 2009 but that didn't happen and it had also aired in China a whole year before Japan even got it for some reason. To say the least, I was the happiest person ever after my first viewing of the older 1991-1992 series back in summer 2009, finding out that it was going to be remade with amazing pretty new dated graphics. It marked my 1000th anime watched total and I honestly couldn't have picked a better title for that milestone. I re-watched it again this summer with a friend and it proved to be super entertaining with a buddy to watch it with. The anime story focuses mainly on Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and their leader Liu Bei. But the other 2 main warlords also get their spot in the show, Cao Cao and Sun Jian. Together everyone battles with their fists, swords, and political tact.

I really want a PS3 now >.> Dynasty Warriors 7 looks amazing!

I've always been in love with these stories. I've read, watched, and even played almost anything that has to do with them. Like most people in the Western world, the video game Dynasty Warriors really got me hooked into this wonderful tale of men fighting for a piece of the large pie China. Each tale of Wu, Shu or Wei was great fun to play, watch, and learn about through these games.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 2009 adaptation.

Sadly deep down I knew that the anime remake was not going have a huge following. To the point actually of not even being touched by subbers. Although to be honest I do have episode one subbed by [Commie] and 4 scattered ones done by [GuguruTL-FaggotryRaws]. I truly wish Commie would have kept going with the project but it's always wise not to put your hopes for certain series that are niche in an already niche hobby like anime. I have gone as far as actually watched some episodes in Chinese. No, I don't speak it as told Kitsune already, but I am that big of a fan so just watching it was good enough for me at the time. One day I do hope I'll get to enjoy this series. Till then I'll just keep watching SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors! Yes, I do plan on blogging about SD Gundam very soon. I was going to start back in Spring but I decided it would be way better to complete watching every other Gundam series instead so I could catch more awesome details of this cute show.


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