Tuesday Tally Week 4

Tuesday Tally Week 4

This Tuesday Tally is more like Monster and Ika week this time around. I'm not sure about that match up honestly. All I know is that I was watching both with the boyfriend so that's probably what influenced my choice of Ika to watch in between Monster batches. Anime watching these days have been falling pray to Final Fantasy VI. I love these games and it's about time I catch up on them. I'm loving it so far and the story is pretty darn awesome.

November 30 to December 6

Leave it to me to find something just a little yaoi about Monster. Although honestly... It isn't all that hard.


Monster ep 4-26

Overall: During episode 12 things started to become interesting. Which I'm thankful for because 74 episodes at a slow pace is just painful. My boyfriend compared Monster to The Fugitive quite often and I completely agree with him there. I dig the oldies songs that are played in the series but they weird me out at the same time since I know them all very well and can sing along. I also just realized that the ED credits have rainbow colours. For some reason I find this very fascinating. We watched a recap episode after episode 24 and I kinda wish I had just watched that for the first 24 episodes.

I'd love to see that as a Halloween costume!

Ika ep 8

Overall: Shrimp costume!


Monster ep 27-53

Overall: The new ED I do not like as much as the old one. In fact it made me quite sad that the old one went away because it is really so awesome. This one sounds like a creepy old lady singing that wants to murder children... That last part just might be my crazy imagination though. I do however really like how the ED's show pictures from that storybook. Good call by whoever did that little extra bit. I've noticed that there is a lot of close ups of people eating food. I think I just pick up on some of the strangest things sometimes. Totally saw the cross-dressing coming since you know he has a girl twin. Episodes 46, 49, and 53 were some of the best stuff I've seen so far. Simply amazing. I've noticed that there seems to be, for me at least, about 10-12 boring episodes followed by 10-12 amazing episodes and rinse and repeat.

Ika ep 9

Overall: Lip stick on young girls is just wrong. Something about it puts me off. Those scientists were just hilarious.


Monster ep 54-end

Overall: Monster is a pretty amazing series when it's actually doing something with the plot. The slow pointless episodes were around too often for my likes and I just didn't see the point of most of them. I still can't quite grasp fully how I even feel about the series honestly. The last few episodes left me feeling pretty awesome about the whole thing. I can't really explain why I feel the way I do about the series or even really understand fully what I feel about it. This is why I think I'll need to re-watch this show once more to really get everything in my head the way I want it to be. All the characters were amazingly done and I have no real complaints there. They were real people with pretty real intense problems. Inspector Heinrich & Wolfgang Grimmer are by far my favourite characters in the series. Both their endings were amazing. Monster will sit at 8/10 for now.



Final Fantasy VI time!


A-LI-CE Movie Re-watch with Kira for our chii and Kira anime watching club. Still 2/10 -.-

lol... What a tard.

Sunday - Monday

Final Fantasy VI time!

Overall: FUN! ^_^ Also, I can't take Kefka seriously as a bad guy at all. XD


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  1. Yi says:

    Loved that shrimp costume!!

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  2. chii says:

    I will own that costume one day! ONE DAY I TELLS YOU!

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