Catch Up with FALL! January 15-16 Anime-Planet’s Monthly Marathon

Catch Up with FALL! January 15-16 Anime-Planet’s Monthly Marathon

It's that time for another Monthly Marathon Event called Catch Up, with Anime-Planet hosted by me. Click on the image below to see the anime list. It's all Fall 2010 anime so if you haven't watched everything you wanted to now is the perfect time to do it as there will be people around to chat with!

I've been hosting these events over on Anime-Planet for a whole year now and I gotta say it's been a blast. If you haven't checked out Anime-Planet in general you should as it is always growing! It's a great place to keep all your watched, watching, etc anime in check so you always know what you are doing with each show you watch. You can love and hate anime characters and even voice actors. New features and improvements are added pretty often and it generally doesn't take that long for a minor request to be filled. The newest feature is anime badges which are similar to X-box ones that you can unlock with certain anime that are watched or other random accomplishments. Tis all very fun stuff and more of those are going to be added soon. If you are the winner of this event you'll even win one!

Happy viewing!


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  1. Ruby says:

    I’m a total AP fan now thanks to Chii xD I’m gonna be recommending everyone to get it :3

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