chii's Anime Snack of the Week: Gundam 00 - A Wakening of the Trailblazer

chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Gundam 00 – A Wakening of the Trailblazer

This week I'm starting off with a Gundam movie that just came out. There's a lot of buzz going around about Gundam 00 - A Wakening of the Trailblazer and I'm sad to say that it is not positive for the most part. In fact, there is pretty much only rage about this movie from what I can see. How does a pretty awesome series of Gundam turn into such a huge clusterfuck? Watch it and find out is all I can honestly say. It's not THAT terrible and you'll totally cry and laugh over almost everything that happens in the 2 hours it takes to watch it.


I stopped taking the anime seriously right here








Positive Points

  • Animation is pretty to look at.
  • The pew pew battles are kick ass.
  • You can see the oh so fun Gundam 00 cast again.
  • The music was pretty good.
  • Slightly less Saji Crossroad and his annoying bimbo.
  • It's in space!

Beer creeper

I felt like how he looks watching this movie








Negative Points

  • The "plot" is so screwed up.
  • Your favourite characters will not be what you remember them as for the most part. (some will be exactly painfully the same though)
  • Aliens are suddenly in your Gundam show.
  • The ending will make you rage.
  • Lame new characters that don't really need to be there at all.
  • The politics are retarded.
  • A lot of random shit will happen that will make you pause to figure out what you just witnessed.

Uh oh... That's a pretty huge invasion

Sweet sweet pew pew power








Why chii thinks you should watch it

First of all you should have watched all of the Gundam 00 series before viewing. I honestly can't see anyone enjoying this at all if they have no clue about the setting and characters. Although when I really think about it, it probably wouldn't be all that bad either. But this movie is to be watched to simply be entertained in one of the worst yet hilarious ways possible. If you watch it with a group that'll be even better as well. A true Gundam fan will sit through this movie, laugh, cry, and get really angry. Deep down you'll probably enjoy it as well. Something that brings that many emotions through a 2 hour viewing session is impressive even if they aren't all positive. I personally will probably watch this movie again... Just not quite yet though. Despite how much I have ranted about how terrible the movie is to friends and on twitter I still give this movie a 8/10.

I hate you and am glad what happened to you

I love you guys though ;_;


Mini Tieria is hilarious to me





Can finally handle some force without bleeding









Boob shot -.-

FFFF not this gay naked crap again








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10 Responses to “chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Gundam 00 – A Wakening of the Trailblazer”
  1. You may want to consider also the reaction of the biggest Gundam 00 fanboy there is:

    Kaioshin is probably uncomfortable with thinking of himself as a fanboy since it invites a negative view, but I used to be a fanboy of 00, then this shitpile of a movie happened.

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  2. chii says:

    ohh yeah I should put that in the links part too. it must have been posted after I did my gundam 00 movie search! Great read!

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  3. Kaioshin Sama says:

    @ghostlightning: You mean this pretty solid Gundam action movie happened.

    @chii: After one preliminary view I plan on enjoying this movie with some good friends, a couple beers and a lot of good times since we are Gundam fans and we regularly sit down to enjoy ourselves to fun movies after some tough weeks and believe it or not I’m usually the hardass when it comes to some of the utter crap my buddies will submit to the weekend watchings (Alien vs. Predator can bite me!). We also tend to not rant about how “terrible” movies are (although on occasion I will offer up my general discontent) cause that usually invites punches, grappling matches, drinking games and invitations to sit down, shut up and watch the damn movie. I have the lumps to prove it. 🙂

    Also I will argue any day, any week and any time that the characters are everything we remember them to be and that is part of what makes the movie for the people that enjoyed Gundam 00. Also the ending did not make me rage since raging brings bad karma and kills the soul, the politics were adequate (perhaps even smarter than usual if you watch CSPAN, CPAC and The Daily Show like I do), shit was not random, pauses were only needed for the notes I took to write the article that ghost mentioned, aliens can be in one Gundam series as far as I’m concerned, the plot is not screwed up (explain what you mean here….seriously) and lastly…..okay well there are lame new characters that don’t add anything at all, but they are limited to one introduction. Mina Carmine…..why?

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  4. chii says:

    I’m sure you’ll have a grand old time watching this with your friends! drinking games watching this sounds like a lot of fun XD

    I dunno about those politics honestly… It just seems really out of place to me. But then again that was mostly brought along by the Aliens in Gundam which to me just feels wrong and a cheap way out to bring humanity together. Which was the plot and that’s what bothered me the most about it. I can’t ramble on too much about politics here since while I do watch The Daily Show it is mostly just to laugh at how crazy Americans are. (Canadian) and well these politics were a little weird and did make me laugh. I can’t give you specific examples right now since I did only watch it once but I do remember the idea to put all the Innovator people in one place. That in general just seems like a really stupid idea heh

    I paused a lot for the silly notes I had to make when weird or funny stuff was happening XD and to take a little breather from laughing or facepalming. I just couldn’t help myself! I just remember Graham kind of not being as awesome from S2. S1 he was kick ass and that’s what they did with him in the movie and while I love him like this it just felt out of place considering how S2 ended with him.

    I really hated that Mina chick…. I don’t even really want to discuss her >.< She totally was just put there for annoying fanservice and to make people that actually like Billy angry... At least that's my little thoughts on her. Either way I still totally loved the movie XD Just in a different kind of way. Unlike you I enjoy my raging at anime XD

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  5. Kaioshin Sama says:

    How were the politics out of place? Aside from discussing the current status of Innovades and Innovators within the Earth Federation and bringing us up to speed on what has changed regarding them in 00S2, there’s an earth shattering crisis and they come to parliament to decide on a response. To me this kind of makes perfect sense. Also I don’t remember the bit about trying to segregate the innovators, but maybe I missed something myself and might catch it on the re-watch I am planning with my buddies. Still, don’t recall that being mentioned at all.

    Also Humanity had been brought closer together over time since the end of S1 when they joined together to defeat the Gundam’s and then formed the Earth Federation. This movie was more about bringing civilizations together than bringing humanity together as was stated to be the purpose of the 3rd phase of Aeolia Schenberg’s plan. Bringing humanity to the stars and paving the way for the dialogues to come, This was stated to be the purpose all the way back near the end of the second season when Tieria found out the plan from Veda so obviously that hinted at the probability of aliens being in this sub-franchise long before the movie came around. That’s what this movie was about.

    Anyway I have no relation to the facepalming people seem to be doing since I followed the plot of the 00 franchise from season 1 to finish very carefully while making note of the overall narrative that had been developing over time to the eventual resolution of it all, and it made perfect sense to me within the context of the franchise as whole. To me the main hangup that seems to have so confused and disoriented most people (aside from having a favourite Gundam show and trying to be particular and rigid in comparing it unfavourably to that one….I was that type of Gundam fan at one point mind you) was the splitting of it all up into 3 separate entries. This seems to have failed as a way for reaching the majority of Gundam fans on the western internet and proven too confusing to follow for casual viewers (I’m a diehard so I chose to follow along closely and review each season and thus had no trouble doing so), and thus perhaps it would be best if they went back to the classic 50 episode format of the 90’s and early 2000’s for the next Gundam series rather than again trying to breakthe story up over the course of 4 years and expecting people to be fully up to speed for each particular entry. This to me was among all other matters the greatest shortcoming of 00’s storytelling style….the fact it took so long to finish it and that there were so many breaks and time skips throughout.

    A couple final thoughts. Yes Mina serves no purpose really other than sex appeal in my opinion as well. Billy could have easily done the science exposition stuff on his own. As for the Daily Show, I would call it the greatest example of black comedy on Television today. It takes a special kind of person to laugh at the utter deadlock disaster that is American politics and how the senate and house have clearly lost site of what should matter…the people. Lastly, raging at anime seems to be the new cool thing, and I don’t really get it myself. Maybe it has to do with how I refuse to go along with every trend that pops up on the internet unless it seems beneficial in some way to me (like drinking games), and raging at stuff that I essentially am getting for free seems to just be a waste of time. I’d rather be doing something else than screaming at my television or monitor. Raging to me just doesn’t equate to fun…I’m 26 years old and too busy for temper tantrums, and to throw one over a movie or TV show would make me feel like a jackass…..and that’s kind of how I tend to view people that rage on the internet.

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  6. NimirRa says:

    ^ lol

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  7. Predederva says:

    So “Anime Snack of the Week” is the name of your anime movie/OVA thing your doing once a week? Nice, I like the sound of that. You can be sure I’ll be checking these out, since I love watching movies and short OVAs, because I can ACTUALLY FINISH THEM lol. Can’t say much about this one though, as I am clearly not a fan of anything Gundam and probably never will be. I look forward to your next review.

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  8. chii says:

    Yeah I don’t plan on looking too much at movies that are attached to series but this one I just HAD to do for the first one XD

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  9. Predederva says:

    Purder animation? Yeah it is purdy

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