chii's Does Not Want List

chii’s Does Not Want List

So since I did a favourite anime of all time list I decided to do a list of anime that just didn't do it for me. Like the favourites, making this list has some requirements. It had to have pissed me off a lot and be bad according to my tastes. I generally let a lot of bad things slide by without much thought so these anime ended up leaving a nasty enough impression on me that just made me not able to forget. I have absolutely NO desire to re-watch any of these shows and I generally can't stand the attention they get from most anime fans. Some are failed potential that betrayed my feelings so much that I just can't let it go and some are sequels that completely let me down.

Filling done by narumi (blue monday)

If one of your favourite anime happens to be on this list do not bother leaving flame comments. It will be deleted. Take note that everyone in this world is completely different and so their tastes are different as well. Some people are more compatible than others. If one anime happens to be a masterpiece for someone could be another's poison. These happen to be my poisons! Like my Favourites List I'll update this one when something decides to be a terrible anime that just has to make the list.

Originally done by yukkii (dodaira)

1. Clannad (Especially Clannad After Story)

2. Full Moon wo Sagashite

3. Beck

4. Aria the Animation (Only watched Season 1 of the franchise)

5. Green Green (Dropped at episode 3)

6. Yumeria

7. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou / Quiet Country Cafe

8. Kanon 2002 (I will not touch the 2006 version with a 9000 foot poll)

9. Adventures of Mini-Goddess (Tried watching 3 different times and could only get through 3 episodes each time)

10. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (Only watched Season 1 of the franchise)

11. Real Drive

12. Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

13. Akikan!

14. Aoi Hana

15. Kiss x sis (Dropped the series at episode 3 somehow watched all of the ova)

16. Munto / Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

17. Yosuga no Sora

18. Chu-Bra!!

19. Kanokon

20. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Picture done by natsu (norari kurari)

21. To Heart

22. Loveless

23. Amagami SS

24. Chaos;Head

25. Crystal Triangle

26. Smash Hit

27. Love Love?

28. Cosprayers

29. Bus Gamer

30. Eiken

31. Roots Search

32. Kampfer

33. Naruto

34. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

35. Futakoi

36. DearS

37. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~

38. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

39. Hidamari Sketch (Finally learned to stop watching when they came out with a season 3)

40. Ichigo 100%

41. Shugo Chara!

42. Suzuka

43. Needless

44. Beet the Vandel Buster

45. Twilight Q

46. Kiddy Girl-and

47. Graduation

48. King of Bandit Jing

49. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

50. Real Bout High School

Picture done by qinni

51. K-On!

52. Kurogane no Linebarrels

53. Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru / Betrayal Knows My Name

54. Seitokai no Ichizon

55. Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~

56. Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

57. Sasameki Koto

58. Heroman

59. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

60. Hanaukyo Maid Team

61. Mouse

62. Blue Flames

63. Idol Project

64. Sister Princess

65. Kannagi

66. Nineteen 19

67. One

68. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

69. Panzer Dragoon

70. Violence Jack

71. Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature

72. Lime-iro Senkitan

73. Star of Cottonland

74. White Album

75. Final Approach

76. Kodomo no Omocha

77. Lovely Idol

78. Itsudatte My Santa!

79. California Crisis: Gun Salvo

80. Sora o Kakeru Shoujo / Girl Who Leapt Through Space

Picture done by nekokun

81. Only Yesterday

82. Magic Knight Rayearth

83. Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-

84. Angel Beats!

85. MM!

86. Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me

87. Ookami Kakushi

88. Pretty Cure Splash Star

89. Otaku no Video

90. Kokoro Toshokan

91. Wedding Peach

92. Manabi Straight!

93. Witchblade

94. Witch Hunter Robin

95. Mobile Suit Gundam X

96. Hyper Police

97. Elfen Lied

98. Death Note

99. Martian Successor Nadesico

100. Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! / I Don't Like You at All, Big Brother! (We'll see if I can actually finish this one and if so it's going much higher on the list for sure)

Picture done by koutamii

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    28 Responses to “chii’s Does Not Want List”
    1. RP says:

      Yes! Clannad! #1 on my list. Aww for Aria though. Remarkably I haven’t seen any of the other 18 in your top 20, although I’d agree with many of those choices.

      Our top 50 no list would be similar, although my tastes start straying after that. A good chunk of those bottom 50 that I like.

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    2. Shinmaru says:

      haters gonna hate

      Just kidding

      GD Star Rating
    3. Niku says:

      Would you mind illuminating any specific reasons why you dislike these?

      GD Star Rating
    4. Baka-Raptor says:

      I demand you watch three more crappy shows.

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    5. Janai says:

      You should just rename this blog to “I HATE KEY BLOG”

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    6. glothelegend says:


      The fact that K-On is on this list, however, makes it acceptable. I thought Chaos;Head was actually pretty underrated, but that’s just me. I also liked Kamper (strangely enough) and a few others (like 3 or 4), but otherwise, I must agree with this list….I’m beginning to think I may like mediocre anime.

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    7. chii says:

      @RP yeah a lot of the bottom half I know are a lot of people’s favourites but I just can’t like em. If it means anything though the 90-100 rage could easily be knocked out of the list 😛

      @Shinmaru it happens!

      @Niku without a specific request of a certain pick which you would like me too nope!

      @Baka-Raptor 3 more? Sure why not. Which ones? lol

      @Janai that’s a crappy name for a blog silly

      @glothelegend heh DN and EL both make the bottom bit of the list for fandom reasons. And that they were kinda meh 😛 I’m a little weirded out by you liking chaos;head and Kamper lol unless it was for like hilarious bad moments or something. I could accept that XD Liking mediocre anime is ok! I’m sure I have a few of those in my favourite list.

      GD Star Rating
    8. Heinsia says:

      I’m glad to see number 1-4 lol
      Pity you didn’t put bakemonogatari in there.

      GD Star Rating
    9. drmchsr0 says:

      Nuuuuuuu not Nadesico and Macross7 T_T

      No wait. Nadesico is secretly a harem animein space

      GD Star Rating
    10. chii says:

      @Heinsia lol that’s good to hear XD I really REALLY hate those top 5 XD Bakemonogatari was enjoyable enough but I still find that it is very highly overrated.

      @drmchsr0 Well I can’t pity you about Nadesico. But I will remind you that the Macross 7 title “The Galaxy is Calling Me” is the only thing that was highly disliked over all for the Macross 7 series. That little movie just BLOWS CHUNKS and made me really angry… Stupid fucking space whales…

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    11. Baka-Raptor says:

      I don’t care which ones, as long as they bump out Death Note. Watch a fourth while you’re at it to bump out Elfen Lied.

      GD Star Rating
    12. Okay, most of these I’m not going to bother commenting on, but…but…Clannad. Seeing that one on here makes me sad, as it’s my second favourite anime of all time.

      GD Star Rating
    13. Morendo says:

      Goddamn, Baka-raptor is a troll.

      GD Star Rating
    14. KiraRin says:

      Oh my gosh! Does that mean you actually *enjoyed* Bobobo????


      GD Star Rating
    15. Yi says:

      Aww… I love Aria. Like love love.

      We have different tastes.

      GD Star Rating
    16. Liz says:

      I fear that having Death Note on this list complete discredits it in a way that cant even be described. I mean, if you don’t like Death Note…..

      GD Star Rating
    17. Astral says:


      Regarding your hate list, I skimmed through it and the first thing that struck me was that I’ve watched about 40 of these shows and I enjoyed them all, some more than others. While ecchi shows like Elfen Lied, KissXSis, Akikan, Yosuga no Sora are a turn-off for many complaining that they lack “story”, “depth” and “plot”, several animes like Clannad, Death-Note and Elfen Lied are the very reason I still watch anime to this day despite an excruciatingly hectic routine.

      Now I may be out of line here and I don’t mean to offend but I think you dislike animes belonging to harem and ecchi genre. But I just can’t fathom you hating clannad or death-note and many others on this list that I forgot to mention.

      Nevertheless, I still think you should give these shows a try especially Clannad After Story, the only anime to date to make me cry. I know that’s not something to be proud of but still, it’s the truth.

      GD Star Rating
    18. chii says:

      All anime on this list I have had the joy of suffering all the way through unless otherwise stated in brackets. (there are 3) I don’t like to trash shows that I haven’t completed so I generally try to finish everything or just not speak about it very much since I’m not in the “know” and I just really know these shows were not for me.

      sure i don’t like a lot of ecchi/harem shows. everyone has their preferred genre’s and those are certainly at the bottom of what i enjoy. Especially Harem shows. I’m just not a fan of a looser male having tonnes of ladies swoon over him like he’s the only male avaliable in the whole world. It’s even worse when the harem is mixed with ecchi. I like my ecchi to have some sort of “taste” (I have a strange “taste” standard that only I know the meaning of) generally it shouldn’t be throw in there just because (unless i enjoy it because of that “just because” reason but that is rare)

      Death Note and Elfen Lied are special cases while some were enjoyed a little I simply can not stand fanboys and girls for these shows. It’s their fault these titles are on the list 😛 It’s not

      Clannad After Story is seriously THE WORST anime I have ever seen and I don’t think anything can top it ever. You’ll just have to accept that is my opinion and no matter what anyone tries to tell me it’s not changing.

      GD Star Rating
    19. kevo says:


      GD Star Rating
    20. kevo says:

      …on a more serious note, I’ve found that throughout my time in the anime community I’ve gotten more and more used to the fact that people will undoubtedly hate shows I love, or love shows I hate. It’s the way the world works. One example for myself is the fact that I really don’t like Love Hina or Azumanga Daioh, odd because that’s probably the genre I watch most. People flip out when I tell them, but it’s true. Those two shows get of my nerves and I can’t stand them. To each his (or her) own, I’d rather be happy with my K-ON! in the corner over here.

      GD Star Rating
    21. chii says:

      I came to terms with people not liking the same things I do LONG LONG ago

      While I certainly did enjoy Love Hina it certainly hasn’t aged well so I understand people not really liking it. Azumanga Daioh I find is very over rated for what it is hehe


      GD Star Rating
    22. ThaivuN says:

      YES!!! Someone who hates Beck just like me! lol

      GD Star Rating
    23. chii says:

      there’s always someone out there that’ll listen to hate for ANY show! 😀

      GD Star Rating
    24. Plain Jane says:


      Elfen Lied was a show my anime club picked after I told them I had enjoyed ‘Battle Angel Alita’. Go figure. I watched the intro, and that was a bit gory, but hey, I figured it was cyber-punk, maybe like ‘Ghost in the Shell’, and that was to be expected, but then…I watched it.

      I’d say for the most part, anime, regardless of genre, contains some angst, a little tragedy, some sad backstories, and that’s all right, SO LONG AS THE STORY REMAINS THE FOCUS…This show wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t let up for ONE MINUTE. The sob-stories, the endless tragic back-stories, girls chained to walls and shot with bullets, puppies beaten to death, children decapitated, friends dismembering friends, attempted rape, incestuous cousins…It was Bathos.

      People aren’t masochists. They won’t develop emotional bonds with characters that are just going to be used as props for the next ‘hilarious tragedy’ to strike. But for some reason, at my local anime club, everyone else told me I just didn’t get ‘the deep message’. But then we watched ‘The Count of Cagliostro’, and I cheered up and stopped hating everyone XD

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    25. Alex says:

      Haha Clannad as number one! I don’t suppose you have a post lying around somewhere which details your dislike? 🙂

      GD Star Rating
      • chii says:

        no post on here. although there is a small rant on my AP account that I wrote right after I watched the shows. I won’t link to it though so you’ll have to find it on your own if you really wish to read it 😛

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