Level E 01 It's Alien Time

Level E 01 It’s Alien Time

Aliens come and go on earth but we have NO idea about it. Sometimes I think this is true for real life because some of the people I've meet before are just SO out there it's hard to not think they are somehow different beings. Hell I'm sure a lot of people think that of me too at times!

Seeing that when I first walk into MY room...

...I'd have this face on too







What a lovely pose XD

There's some of that baseball.








The OP reminds me of Durarara imagery wise which was an instant plus. The song was ok but might take me a little longer to really get into it. I'm pretty picky with my anime music honestly. The ED is painfully generic but again I enjoy the imagery that goes along with it. Seeing those beautiful animated starry skies is awesome and seeing space will always be a plus with me.

You are pretty but creep me out!

Kitty on the bed.

Healed kitty.








There honestly isn't all that much to say about the anime at this point other than it'll be interesting to see the relationship between these odd characters as they meld together. I'm very weirded out by the parrot for some reason. It just seems like a random thing to be there, a bird and all, but I'm sure it'll have some significance later down the road other than being some sort of tool for these strange folk that are after the alien. At least that's what I think about it anyway. I do enjoy the random cat though. I'm not sure who owns the cat but it seems to be either the alien or baseball boy since I think it lives with them. I love the obsession that anime has with adding cats into shows that don't necessarily need them. Power to cute animals!

Clearly an alien!

The tree grew blossoms around the alien!







Love this shot. Just look into those eyes.

The main character, Yukitaka Tsutsui, is a baseball player that has transfered from Tokyo to go to school at Kisaragi high school. They scouted him to play for them which I find odd that a high school would do honestly. But things are different over their I suppose and baseball is similar to the American way of football in school. I hope the show doesn't try to focus too much on the baseball aspect because it will fail for me if it does. This isn't a show about baseball it's a show about a very odd alien prince and that's what I want to see!













And see I certainly did. Prince alien is a very odd one. He makes a lot of strange jokes which is generally for his own amusement. I don't mind that one bit but I am afraid that it'll get stale very fast if they don't keep on their toes comedy wise. I'm interested to learn more about him as the anime goes on. I loved that he just was randomly in Yukitaka's apartment before he even got there. This is going to be a very interesting relationship between the two indeed with things starting out this way. The anime has some of the most interesting facial expressions I've seen in quite some time. And yes, there's even a girl in this show that will most likely be a romantic interest of sorts for either of the boys.

Why hello Miss Miho Edogawa

Interesting device.

Ok that's weird...

OK that's WEIRDER!








Overall  I'm very interested to see where this is going. I love me some yummy sci-fi to warm my heart during these cold winter months.


5 Responses to “Level E 01 It’s Alien Time”
  1. Kitsune says:

    So… Is that some weird version of NieA 7? 😛

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  2. chii says:

    If you wanna call that the shoujo Alien show then I suppose this is the shounen Alien show!

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  3. Predederva says:

    I like the look of tis show and it got some good reviews. Nice…

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