chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Here is Greenwood

When boys fall in love it is something special. But when those boys fall in love with their brothers wife some issues may arise! Kazuya finds himself in this situation, thus decides to leave the household and move into a dorm. Here is Greenwood follows his story living among the very strange and odd boys that happen to inhabit the dorm as well.

Makes me giggle for some reason

Standing at the school gates










Positive Points

  • Lots of bishies
  • Hilarious characters
  • Boys being boys without the yaoi undertone

Kazuya looks worried almost all the time

Kazuya doesn't know how to goof off like the others










Negative Points

  • Might be too random at times
  • Lovely characters that you'll wish were explored more

Just taking a pee!

Just figured it out! XD








There was a lot of male bathing

And I'm serious!











Why chii thinks you should watch it

I honestly can't outright recommend this ova to anyone. It's worth watching if you like really strange things and have a liking for a lot of men in your anime since 95% of the cast is male. Oddly enough though you won't have to walk around hoping a yaoi undertone will show up at any moment because there just isn't any. There's a male that looks like a girl but that's about it and is played up in a rather hilarious way in the first episode. Quirky characters shine very well since this particular dorm is made up of misfits and oddballs. I really wish we got to learn more about them but there's only so much that can be told in 6 episodes. Each episode is rather episodic so there are more boring ones than interesting ones I found but at 6 episodes it shouldn't be too much of a problem to sit through if you just want to waste an afternoon.

Lots of awesome group shots











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The uniforms are so cute!

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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Baldr Force Exe Resolution

I've always enjoyed futuristic internet based worlds. Baldr Force Exe Resolution ova was created from the Baldr Force game which I have not played. I still have no intention of playing it but the ova was rather fun. It revolves around a group of hackers known as Steppen Wolf, whom have decided to do one last big hack and go into retirement. A government agency known as  FLAK intervene on their last mission and one of the members ends up killed. Toru now vows to track down and find his good friends murderer to avenge him. This takes Toru down a winding path full of strange occurrences that end up being bigger than he ever could have imagined.

Hacking for some reason includes mecha's

Hacking group Steppen Wolf meets one last time








Positive Points

  • Interesting look at a virtual reality world
  • Twists and turns at every corner
  • Decent plot with interesting enough characters
  • Is in both English and Japanese

Kinder than he looks

Joining FLAK seems to be full of strange people








Negative Points

  • Random very disturbing rape scene
  • Memory loss
  • Episodes 1 and 2 feel 100% different from episodes 3 and 4

Toru's fallen comrades necklace

Just sleeping in my virtual world








Toru talking to the avatar of one of his hack buddies

This girl just keeps popping up everywhere he goes even if he secures it








Interesting mecha but I wish the battles were better

Seems that this girl is VERY connected to the internet world








Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you enjoyed The Matrix movies in anyway I'm sure this would please. It also has a lot of Lain themes in it so if that anime was enjoyed I'm sure this one would be right up your alley. Even though it's only 4, 30 minute episodes I feel that it gets it's point across quite well. Sometimes it did feel like stuff was happening simply for the plot convenience but overall it was enjoyable. If it was a whole 12-13 episode series I think things would have flowed a little better.

She is a grade A bitch

Awesome dude that shows Toru the way








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This image scares me... Scared Toru too

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Tuesday Tally Week 6 February 8-14 Parody, Drama, and Facepalm

Oh what a week. Watched some fun stuff that I had been looking forward too and finished off a lot of series too. Parody anime seems to be taking up a lot of my time these days and I think I've actually found a romance drama that doesn't annoy me in the slightest!

I still wish I could talk to cats

Coo is ADORABLE! He could be oishii too...

February 8

Miyamoto Musashi Movie

Overall: I actually had no idea what I was getting into with this movie. It is about a samurai warrior that is almost like a biography of him in some strange documentary kind of way. It was interesting but I don't think I'll ever watch it again.

Kemono to Chat OVA

Overall: I love cat humour and I'm so happy that the Japanese like to feature a lot of cat humour in their shows. This one had me crying from laughter over the 30 minutes it is. I almost wish there was more episodes to come but oh well.

Coo: Tooi Umi Kara Kita Coo Movie

Overall: This movie was really long and slow but it was actually rather interesting... As long as you are ok with sea monsters befriended by humans though.

The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon and Alakazam the Great are 2 more movies I watched but I really don't have much to say about either. They are OLD.

@[email protected] and this isn't even the strangest of SoulTaker

Simply a pure hilarious and awesome episode 25 of Paniponi Dash

February 9-10

SoulTaker episodes 1-13

Overall: While watching this show I felt the same way while I was watching both Utena and Melody of Oblivion. Both shows use a lot of imagery and a lot of strange things are going on. You fill in the blanks what things could possibly mean. Like the other 2 anime SoulTaker leaves me wondering what I watched and confused as how I feel about them in general. I know I liked the shows but I couldn't really explain why very well either. They are fun and SoulTaker proves to be mysterious in a rather mysterious way. I can see why this is on Digiboy's top 100 list since he eats these kind of shows up like candy.

Gundam Seed episodes 38-42

Paniponi Dash episodes 5-26+OVA

Overall: This is basically on the same level as all those other cute girls doing cute things parody shows for me. Lots of laughs but lots of misses too. In fact I'll say that I found most of it boring but at least it didn't annoy me as much as Lucky Star ended up doing after a while. I've also come to the conclusion that while I do like to laugh my funny bone just happens to be VERY different from the majority when it comes to comedy titles. Yet another worthwhile watch from digiboy's top 100 list. Oh and the ova was the funniest over the entire show. hehe

Level E episodes 3-5

Overall: I swear I'll make a post about this soon... >.>

Loups=Garous Movie

Overall: This movie was BORING. I expected good things but man... No I haven't read the book that this is based on but it's safe to say that the book is probably way better than this crappy movie that took me over 4 hours to watch and I had to restart it 3 times cause I just would stop paying attention. >.< I watched it because I was going to feature it for a snack of the week post but after viewing I just couldn't bring myself to write anything about it.


February 11-12

Magical Chocolate OVA re-watch

Touch episodes 1-42

Overall: Having been created by the same person that made Cross Game I expected to not overly enjoy this older version. Oh how wrong I was! So far this show has been a complete blast and does the drama romance side of the baseball story just fantasticly. The twist that was thrown in around episode 25 was REALLY good but had me wondering just how the show would keep my interest. So far though it's doing a wonderful job and I'm sitting at a 8/10 rating so far. I'm not interested in baseball in the slightest but there's enough romance drama filling the show up nicely that I don't mind sitting through an intence game here and there. I do find it weird that they give the next episode preview before they roll the ED credits. I'm not sure why they decided to do it that way but it keeps me on my toes to skip to the next episode in order not to be spoiled. At first I thought the main girl lead would annoy the crap out of me but she has shown herself to be not all that bad. Has tantrums now and then but that I can deal with. I can't wait to get to finishing off this series!

Zenryoku Usagi episode 41

Gundam Seed episodes 43-45

At least Seed did something right in the end...

I HAVE to make this someday! Dango AND Haro MURDER!

February 13-14

Gundam Seed episodes 46-50

Overall: Finally finished this shitty show... I REALLY feel bad for making my friend watch this terrible show with me... I was going with the benefit of the doubt when I first started it but sadly that failed. The way it ended just made me rage all the more but it was a very fitting ending considering the SHOW SUCKS BALLS. I won't even go into a lot of details about it since the show is so shitty it doesn't even deserve my rage... (right now) I really have to stop picking favourite characters in shows as they always die... >.< But at least my most hated character was put to rest.

Touch episodes 43-48

Gintama episodes 147-171

Overall: Coming closer and closer to the end only to have it start back up of course! I've actually found that from the beginning of season 4 I haven't been laughing nearly as much as the others have. Only 2 episodes so far got a lot of laughs from me. I'm hoping the best is yet to come though as generally parody comedy shows do start off lighter when they start fresh on a new season.

Gundam Evolve OVA

Overall: It was really fun watching all these shorts especially after viewing Seed I really needed some awesome Gundam to shine through. Episode 7 and 13-15 were my favourite episodes. I really wish this was made after Gundam 00 aired so one of that could have been included somehow. Very fun watch and just might get me ready to watch Destiny sooner than later...

Baldr Force Exe Resolution OVA

Overall: Fun look at a world that is very connected through the internet. I'll feature this for a snack of the week post sometime soon.


Episode Count: 122 + 5 Specials/OVAs + 5 Movies

Manga Count: o

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Secret Valentine: Outlaw Star

I have no idea if anyone actually noticed or even cared that I didn't post my last Not so Secret Santa review on Christmas Day. It's always been lingering in my mind though as it was my favourite pick of the bunch! So I figured that I would thank ExecutiveOtaku today as a Valentine's Day gift! This recommendation is probably long forgotten by him which fits with it being oh so s.e.c.r.e.t. and a super surprise by me since this review finally comes out!

A fine way to start off an anime

See! Spike!

Fits right in with Tenchi!

FFU bullet look alike!







The first feeling I got was this is a copy of many anime but totally awesome because it combines ALL these anime into one simply awesome show! Slayers or probably Lost Universe because that one actually takes place in space for the animation and wacky characters, Cowboy Bebop in general honestly, Trigun because of gunslingers, Macross 7 because the neat cities in space, Final Fantasy Unlimited because of the gun loading shots over and over again (even though Outlaw Star came out first but I saw FFU before it hehe), Tenchi because of that crazy cat chick! So many anime came to mind very fast for me and many more but these ones stick out the most. Evangelion also comes into the picture too because of how Outlaw Star ends!

Gene speaking with the ship for the first time.

"Hot Ice" Hilda

James "Jim" Hawking








The first OP is catchy but nothing amazing. Something I would very much expect from the late 90's. ED's One and Two are lovely with the calm music and the imagery is pure stunning. The music throughout the series isn't memorable but it wasn't annoying either. It generally takes a lot for me to really take notice of background music so being insignificant can be a good thing in my case. I really loved the blurbs at the beginning of every episode explaining the past of this universe, the past of a character, or just anything in general pertaining to the story. The English dub is ok so I watched the majority of episodes like that. When possible I generally do watch anime in English but only if they aren't ear bleeding. Thankfully this one was alright so my ears were saved. Although I REALLY hated Aisha Clanclan's voice...

Great ol' buddies right?

Just a little whisper teehehe

*sniff sniff*

I'd be blushing too...

The hot spring episode was hilarious!

...Spit Sperm?!?


























For the most part we enjoy episodic adventures but there is always one goal in mind for the crew of The Outlaw Star, to seek out and find the "Galactic Leyline", location unknown and it could just very well be a mythical place since all there is to go on are rumors and superstition by random people. Right away I was in love with this plot line. Space adventures in anime have always been a favourite theme of mine. Well generally anything in space as long as it's good I'll be super happy. When it turns out amazing I'm even more thrilled!

Main Main cast

Main Secondary cast

Melfina and the ship are super special!

Another thing that thrills me about Outlaw Star is that I loved all of the characters. Sure miss Clanclan, an alien cat race crazy lady, could be really annoying at times but that was her role in the show. Comic relief and boy was she ever rather good at it for the most part. Melfina being half human, half android was another fun addition to the mix. She ended up being the one who could meld with the ship and control it. Loved how she just "had" to be naked while doing it too. She ends up having a very interesting and unique relationship with our hero of the show Gene Starwind. He is everything you would expect him to be honestly. Even has a sidekick, James "Jim" Hawking, who is generally smarter than Gene even though he's much much younger. Of course our crew wouldn't be complete without someone who was initially hired to kill a friend of Gene's but ends up trying to kill Gene instead although she "changes" her mind till a better time comes. Suzuka is one  interesting lady because in the end she ends up joining the crew on their quest. If I had to choose a favourite out of the main cast it would be Melfina. She is just awesome. Another favourite that happens to not be among the main cast is the man who Suzuka was hired to kill in the first place, Fred Luo, Gene's good friend that just happens to be his weapons merchant too. He is flaming gay and has a hard on for Gene. This is completely hilarious to me whenever Fred is around. With great nemesis along the way there's surely someone in this cast of oddball characters to make everyone happy in this series. The Kei Pirates were always fun when they were around and the MacDougall Brother's are a hoot. The really big bad guys at the end of the series were awesome in their own way as well.

Those sexy sexy ships!

The MacDougall Brother's and a crazy dr dude

Some of the The Anten Seven










All I can say now is that if you haven't seen this anime yet and love blast from the past anime, watch Outlaw Star now. I still have no idea why I put it off for so long. Thank you ExecutiveOtaku for making the best choice for me! ^_____^ <3


* Story 10/10
* Animation 9/10
* Sound 9/10
* Characters 10/10
* Overall 10/10


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Chinese Gundam Does A Little Dance

I can't stop laughing or watching this! Hilarious! Found while viewing A Take On The Chinese Gundam very interesting stuff!

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