chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Baldr Force Exe Resolution

chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Baldr Force Exe Resolution

I've always enjoyed futuristic internet based worlds. Baldr Force Exe Resolution ova was created from the Baldr Force game which I have not played. I still have no intention of playing it but the ova was rather fun. It revolves around a group of hackers known as Steppen Wolf, whom have decided to do one last big hack and go into retirement. A government agency known as  FLAK intervene on their last mission and one of the members ends up killed. Toru now vows to track down and find his good friends murderer to avenge him. This takes Toru down a winding path full of strange occurrences that end up being bigger than he ever could have imagined.

Hacking for some reason includes mecha's

Hacking group Steppen Wolf meets one last time








Positive Points

  • Interesting look at a virtual reality world
  • Twists and turns at every corner
  • Decent plot with interesting enough characters
  • Is in both English and Japanese

Kinder than he looks

Joining FLAK seems to be full of strange people








Negative Points

  • Random very disturbing rape scene
  • Memory loss
  • Episodes 1 and 2 feel 100% different from episodes 3 and 4

Toru's fallen comrades necklace

Just sleeping in my virtual world








Toru talking to the avatar of one of his hack buddies

This girl just keeps popping up everywhere he goes even if he secures it








Interesting mecha but I wish the battles were better

Seems that this girl is VERY connected to the internet world








Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you enjoyed The Matrix movies in anyway I'm sure this would please. It also has a lot of Lain themes in it so if that anime was enjoyed I'm sure this one would be right up your alley. Even though it's only 4, 30 minute episodes I feel that it gets it's point across quite well. Sometimes it did feel like stuff was happening simply for the plot convenience but overall it was enjoyable. If it was a whole 12-13 episode series I think things would have flowed a little better.

She is a grade A bitch

Awesome dude that shows Toru the way








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This image scares me... Scared Toru too


2 Responses to “chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Baldr Force Exe Resolution”
  1. Predederva says:

    I really liked this anime! I gave it like a 7/10 or something. Also liked how the heads went splode. Don’t remember the rape scene though…that sounds out of place. Boss review

    GD Star Rating
  2. Harbin says:

    Still listens to the OP~

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