Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club – January 2011 – Wild 7

Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club – January 2011 – Wild 7

This month is was my turn to pick a delightful title that Kira and I would entertain ourselves with for a good afternoon watch. I had been waiting for the Wild 7 ova to hit the internet for quite some time now and when it finally did, it was clear what my choice would be for our (my) viewing pleasure.

Look at ME I'm a Wild 7 member!!!

I always love it when misfits salute together

Wild 7 is nothing amazing by any stretch. But it does one thing very, very right. Action! And lots of it. It helps that the characters are completely likable in every single way too. We get somewhat of a plot but not very much. We won't care too much about that anyway cause we'll be watching awesome driving skills, great big explosions, and some pretty kick ass gun shooting. We start off with some excitement right off the bat with a high speed highway chase. The crazy team of the Wild 7 are on the job. This team is a rather special bunch made up of troubled misfits that were on the other end of the law earlier on in their lives. Put together by the amazing Police Chief, Kusanami, to fight on justices side even if their methods might be a little harsh and cruel at times. Their introductions really made me laugh when they were riding wildly around the streets of Japan getting the job done!

Former professional baseball player - 8 prior convictions for fraud, breach of contract, etc.

Former explosives engineer - 8 prior convictions for manufacturing illegal weapons, possession of hazardous materials, etc.

Former circus performer - 5 prior convictions for involuntary manslaughter, animal cruelty, etc.

Former chef - 6 prior convictions, manufacturing of narcotics, involuntary manslaughter,etc.

Former Yakuza boss - 9 prior convictions, murder, racketeering, assault, etc.

Former hippie - 4 prior convictions, attacking a military base, reckless driving, etc.

Escaped from reform school - 13 prior convictions, murder, extortion, theft, etc.

Now that's quite the bad behaviour these boys have gotten themselves into during their past. Let alone some of the interesting professions they have led as well. Hiba being the youngest and wildest of the bunch, obviously becomes their leader. Of course he must answer to Kusanami, whom is a fitting head honcho for these men to keep them under control because he is simply badass himself! He doesn't have a weird past as far as we are told but his actions in the ova clearly show what he is capable of putting himself through and his underlings. I think he is the best character of the show because he is the one we see the most development from since the rest really don't do anything other than being badass and awesome. Hiba is the only one that we remotely get to interact with and that's only because he's the young tough guy.

Kusanami's manly tears! All while driving!

His pouty face that he generally has throughout the show is followed by...

A delightfully kind, heartwarming, evil looking tender smile.

His crankiness is kinda sexy

I can't tell you that the graphics or the sound is anything super amazing, but they certainly match the ova as a whole with the way they were done. The music has a high pumped energetic 80's rock feel to it with some crazy metal tossed in there. I found this most amusing, as did Kira for the most part. While Kira was highly bothered by the dub only version we had, I was pretty happy with it. I mean it was pretty much everything you'd expect a pretty low budget ova to have voice wise. We both agree that the strange Mexicanish sounding voice wasn't needed in there for Ryogoku at all though.



See ya eyeball!

There's a lot of these kind of shots in the ova

Each episode of the ova could be watched on it's own. Personally I found the first one to be slightly better than the second since it was a little easier to follow plot wise. Maybe it was because of the lack of a crazy complicated plot though. I'd hardly call setting out to capture a mob boss the idea of the century but it was very, very entertaining. The second one revolved around a rival biker gang that were just as rough and touch as our Wild 7. I didn't like this one as much because they tried too hard to make it more than it really was with the addition of a useless woman side character. I did however enjoy what happens at the very end of the episode wrapping up the ova very nicely. I won't spoil but it does involve showing us just how awesome Kusanami really is.

The Wild 7 taking a little joy ride

Their strange rival girl biker group

Rather scary actually...

Overall watch this for the action and fun characters! I really find myself wanting to read it's manga very much after these 2 fun filled episodes. I hope that I can also get my hands on the series at some point. I think sitting through 13 episodes of this would be a treat considering what I usually sit though. I'm sure Kira is not interested in either.

These normal police officers really made me laugh. Why do they have MALLETS?!

* Story 6/10
* Animation 5/10
* Sound 6/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 7/10

Shooting a gun while riding a motorcycle without steering is pretty darn impressive!

Click here for Kira's very different take on this ova. Look forward to next month! It's going to be ecchi so I'm told...

Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club – January 2011 – Wild 7, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  1. Predederva says:

    I can’t wait to watch this myself. Looks like great fun!! Nice review!

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  2. KiraRin says:

    Boo, you seem to keep using the word “amusing” when you actually mean “crappy”



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