Secret Valentine: Outlaw Star

Secret Valentine: Outlaw Star

I have no idea if anyone actually noticed or even cared that I didn't post my last Not so Secret Santa review on Christmas Day. It's always been lingering in my mind though as it was my favourite pick of the bunch! So I figured that I would thank ExecutiveOtaku today as a Valentine's Day gift! This recommendation is probably long forgotten by him which fits with it being oh so s.e.c.r.e.t. and a super surprise by me since this review finally comes out!

A fine way to start off an anime

See! Spike!

Fits right in with Tenchi!

FFU bullet look alike!







The first feeling I got was this is a copy of many anime but totally awesome because it combines ALL these anime into one simply awesome show! Slayers or probably Lost Universe because that one actually takes place in space for the animation and wacky characters, Cowboy Bebop in general honestly, Trigun because of gunslingers, Macross 7 because the neat cities in space, Final Fantasy Unlimited because of the gun loading shots over and over again (even though Outlaw Star came out first but I saw FFU before it hehe), Tenchi because of that crazy cat chick! So many anime came to mind very fast for me and many more but these ones stick out the most. Evangelion also comes into the picture too because of how Outlaw Star ends!

Gene speaking with the ship for the first time.

"Hot Ice" Hilda

James "Jim" Hawking








The first OP is catchy but nothing amazing. Something I would very much expect from the late 90's. ED's One and Two are lovely with the calm music and the imagery is pure stunning. The music throughout the series isn't memorable but it wasn't annoying either. It generally takes a lot for me to really take notice of background music so being insignificant can be a good thing in my case. I really loved the blurbs at the beginning of every episode explaining the past of this universe, the past of a character, or just anything in general pertaining to the story. The English dub is ok so I watched the majority of episodes like that. When possible I generally do watch anime in English but only if they aren't ear bleeding. Thankfully this one was alright so my ears were saved. Although I REALLY hated Aisha Clanclan's voice...

Great ol' buddies right?

Just a little whisper teehehe

*sniff sniff*

I'd be blushing too...

The hot spring episode was hilarious!

...Spit Sperm?!?


























For the most part we enjoy episodic adventures but there is always one goal in mind for the crew of The Outlaw Star, to seek out and find the "Galactic Leyline", location unknown and it could just very well be a mythical place since all there is to go on are rumors and superstition by random people. Right away I was in love with this plot line. Space adventures in anime have always been a favourite theme of mine. Well generally anything in space as long as it's good I'll be super happy. When it turns out amazing I'm even more thrilled!

Main Main cast

Main Secondary cast

Melfina and the ship are super special!

Another thing that thrills me about Outlaw Star is that I loved all of the characters. Sure miss Clanclan, an alien cat race crazy lady, could be really annoying at times but that was her role in the show. Comic relief and boy was she ever rather good at it for the most part. Melfina being half human, half android was another fun addition to the mix. She ended up being the one who could meld with the ship and control it. Loved how she just "had" to be naked while doing it too. She ends up having a very interesting and unique relationship with our hero of the show Gene Starwind. He is everything you would expect him to be honestly. Even has a sidekick, James "Jim" Hawking, who is generally smarter than Gene even though he's much much younger. Of course our crew wouldn't be complete without someone who was initially hired to kill a friend of Gene's but ends up trying to kill Gene instead although she "changes" her mind till a better time comes. Suzuka is one  interesting lady because in the end she ends up joining the crew on their quest. If I had to choose a favourite out of the main cast it would be Melfina. She is just awesome. Another favourite that happens to not be among the main cast is the man who Suzuka was hired to kill in the first place, Fred Luo, Gene's good friend that just happens to be his weapons merchant too. He is flaming gay and has a hard on for Gene. This is completely hilarious to me whenever Fred is around. With great nemesis along the way there's surely someone in this cast of oddball characters to make everyone happy in this series. The Kei Pirates were always fun when they were around and the MacDougall Brother's are a hoot. The really big bad guys at the end of the series were awesome in their own way as well.

Those sexy sexy ships!

The MacDougall Brother's and a crazy dr dude

Some of the The Anten Seven










All I can say now is that if you haven't seen this anime yet and love blast from the past anime, watch Outlaw Star now. I still have no idea why I put it off for so long. Thank you ExecutiveOtaku for making the best choice for me! ^_____^ <3


* Story 10/10
* Animation 9/10
* Sound 9/10
* Characters 10/10
* Overall 10/10



6 Responses to “Secret Valentine: Outlaw Star”
  1. I didn’t even remember exactly when and how I recommended this to you until you reminded me on Twitter, but it’s always good to see another viewer become a fan of the show. It does so many different things well and still manages to be a coherent show. Adventure, action, pseudo-harem, a cool sci-fi setting, and fun characters. I also really enjoyed the narrations at the start of each episode. I felt that they added a lot to the universe as well as giving it an epic feel. It really got me pumped up for the episode about to start.

    All the influences were well used too. You mentioned the influences from other anime, and there was also a lot of modern and medieval Chinese influence too. The first OP was straight out of a 1990’s Hong Kong action film and I loved that. And I believe they mentioned a planet or station named Haiphong as a base for pirates, which I believe it was a certain points of time. Lots of stuff from fung shui with the Layline and the way the magic worked too. Great stuff.

    Back when I first watched it on Toonami: Midnight Run/Adult Swim, back in its glory days before it went to hell, they used to have these really cool trailers and promos for their shows and the AS bloc. Kind of like little AMVs to promote the shows. Enjoy:

    Outlaw Star promo:

    ‘Dreams’ :

    08th MS Team promo:

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  2. chii says:

    awesome about the Hong Kong influences. Didn’t pick up on that myself hehe. love the links too. I had already seen the outlaw star promo one but those other 2 were great!

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  3. TWWK says:

    What the…TEN OUT OF TEN??? Your favorites list (and the opposite list) never ceases to amaze me. 😛

    Anyway, Outlaw Star does have a lot of good qualities. It feels like a live action show, and I always thought it would make for a great feature film. And it’s connected to my youth, somewhat, as it was one of the shows on Adult Swim when I first started getting into anime.

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  4. TWWK says:

    That Dreams promo, by the way, is one of the best promos EVER. Maybe THE best. Tenchi Muyo! had an awesome CN one as well, that I still often watch.

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  5. It brings a smile to my heart to see someone pick up and enjoy this show. It’s one of my core anime. Some of the things I loved were how they seemed to be perpetually on the run, short on cash and luck. The fact that Gene’s rare magic gun would malfunction as much as it would work was also good for a few laughs.

    Aisha annoyed me as much as she made me laugh, so besides Gene she was strangely my favorite character. And I won’t say this show is better than TrigunMovie or Cowboy Bebop, but it’s certainly a fun, easy to watch show.

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  6. chii says:

    @TWWK hehe i’m one of the most random people ever in my likes and dislikes

    @DonKangolJones Honestly I think Outlaw Star matches up just fine with the trigun and cowboy bebop giants. i’d have a pretty hard time choosing which one i like the most among them all.

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