chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Kiddy Grade Movies

chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Kiddy Grade Movies










When I first dove into this series a few years ago I was skeptical of many things. After viewing it, it became a favourite sci-fi of mine with some very kick ass girls. I had been meaning to watch these 3 Kiddy Grade Movies for quite some time now and a few weeks ago I did just that. It was a wonderful experience. How can I say no to space traveling girls that have amazing super powers?

Welcome to work!

Missions missions lalalalala










Positive Points

  • Condensed version of the show
  • So very pretty
  • Makes the series a little more serious than the show did at first
  • Super fun characters

Lumière's powers are awesome

Donnerschlag and Éclair fight well together










Negative Points

  • Might not understand everything because things are explained rather quickly
  • Not a lot of character back story for anyone other than Éclair and Lumière

A-ou and Un-ou

Cesario and Viola









Sinistra and Dextera

Tweedledee and Tweedledum










Why chii thinks you should watch it

I think if you have seen the series already it's a great refresher of all the important stuff that went down. If you are a first time viewer it probably would be enjoyable if you want short and sweet but I really do think that you'd get more enjoyment out of it by watching the series first. My experience having watched the series first and many years later watching these movies was quite positive and I'm sure others would agree. Especially since you get all the awesome action in the movies made to look even prettier than they were in the series. At 3, hour and a half movies, they cover the series pretty darn good in my opinion.

The masks make them extra evil

A slightly new look for our girls









Earth looks really pretty from space

The man behind it all










Further reactions to these movies:

None at this time.


2 Responses to “chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Kiddy Grade Movies”
  1. charlie2alpha says:

    I love the Kiddy Grade series, but it is my policy to avoid movies that are just a condensed version of the series. I would prefer to rewatch the series itself instead if I felt like it. That being said, I occasionally make exceptions, but that’s really rare.

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  2. Predederva says:

    Haven’t seen this series. I’d prob watch the tv show though, before watching the movies. Still great pick, boss.

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