chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Z-mind

chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Z-mind

Parody shows are either REALLY funny or completely fail. Some fall in the middle nicely and Z-mind did just that. Mecha parody anime are a favourite of mine so I was excited to take a look at this one that pokes fun at older 70's mecha!

Who's the man in the shadows?

Trench coat hero that's who!









Positive Points

  • Subbed and hilariously dubbed
  • Parody of super robot anime
  • Girls fit for the job

Father drinks A LOT and I don't blame him since he has to deal with these girls

Granny makes all kinds of inappropriate hilarious comments










Negative Points

  • Hit and miss with the laughs
  • Doesn't really end
  • One of the most slow paced action series ever

First encounter with her mecha

He looks pretty sexy








The other girls need their mecha action too

There's a lot of shots of them together like this











Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you have a boner for old mecha this is a must watch for sure. It's very meh on the comedy aspect I found but when the action gets going it's great. The downtimes are a little iffy at most but overall it's quite enjoyable. The characters are very well done even thought they aren't really fleshed out. But because the characters are good this made the slow slice of life parts of the series to be tolerable. The father especially shines during those scenes. I really wish they continued this little project as leaving the series off on a to be continued made me rather sad.

Lets go kick some butt

oh noes! Gay space time flashbacks to Gundam 00... At least they are clothed...









The ass whopping is about to begin

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