Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club - February 2011 - G-on Riders

Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club – February 2011 – G-on Riders

So for SOME reason Kira felt that she was wrongly done by with my last pick being Wild 7. I mean come on! It was violent, campy and all that jazz but it wasn't as terrible to sit through as a lot of other things I *could* have picked. So with revenge in mind Kira boldly stated that we should watch G-on Riders... Since you know... She always needs her ecchi fix...

Penis alien I see you

Our 2 strange leads...

G-on Riders is bad. I honestly can't say anything good about it. (I'll try later) It's like a really bad mix of Ichigo 100%, Godannar, and somehow I suppose you could throw Black Heaven in there too. It has pretty much every fetish you can imagine complete with a nun that looks just like Rosette from Chrono Crusade, only she wears glasses. In fact ALL the girls that are fighting these aliens (I dunno...) wear glasses. Thus the name G-on Riders... (Glasses ON! GO!) These super magical glasses are for some reason in the hands of Japan and are the only thing from keeping the people of Japan safe where the rest of the world is apparently taken over and invaded. o.O

Probably the most normal of the girls

Watch out for pervy robots

I think these two were the strangest

And that's about all I have to go on "plot" wise. I honestly couldn't tell you anymore because I think I was knocked unconscious from how bad it was all done that I just don't remember most of it. The characters suck big time unless you just want to look at them nude or something and for that an anime wallpaper image would work just fine. What little males were around ended up sucking too because of with their constant nose bleeds from seeing some T&A here and there. The male lead of course spent the entire series trying to confess his love to the main chick. The added pantsu shots were just annoying to me as well. Hello trying too hard for fanservice much? Isn't bouncy boobs jiggling here and there good enough? They reused an awful lot of scenes over and over again too. Doesn't help that the art is plain butt ugly too.


Yup... Happens a lot...

Good thing he had a hanky

I haven't felt this much hatred for a show in quite sometime. In my hate-o-meter I would put this in between Green Green and Yumeria. It wasn't so bad that I had to drop it like Green Green but it did make me angrier than Yumeria... At least Yumeria had a "decent" enough shitty plot but makes up for that with its shit characters. I shall not start ranting about Yumeria here though...

I kinda like this shot because of how strange it is

This always happens at a bath house...

I wouldn't know neither are MY fetishes...

I suppose the ONE thing that I'll give credit to this terrible anime would be the fetish appeal. There's something for everyone in this! Well maybe not since all the girls wear glasses and I suppose some people out there wouldn't like that. But it's got a lot of other stuff. The nun, the maid, the catgirl, the shrine maiden, the loli,  the school girl, the nurse, and of course they all get to be magical girls while they are sporting their fetish appeal. There might be more in there but these are the ones I can remember. It's just really too bad that something more awesome wasn't done with this idea. For being a parody anime it certainly failed at what parody is set out to do which is to make people laugh! I didn't laugh once honestly. Maybe my funny bone was broken that night but I have a feeling it wasn't me and more so just this terrible anime being oh so terrible!

One can only guess what she's gonna pull out of there. And why is the BOTTOM of the watermelon nomnomed?

Look it's Multi from To Heart!

Overall I really suggest NOT watching this anime... But sadly I think that since I wrote how terrible my experience was with it that some of you will want to waste some, or most of your braincells on it anyway... If it wasn't because of Kira I probably would have stopped watching this shit.

I don't even understand how or why this happened...

The nun has dirty thoughts about being de-flowered

* Story 0/10
* Animation .5/10
* Sound .5/10
* Characters .5/10
* Overall 1/10

This sums up my thoughts on the anime very well...

Lets see if it was worth it for the "revenge" for Kira to make us watch this total crap.

Chii & Kira Anime Watching Club - February 2011 - G-on Riders, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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  1. KiraRin says:

    Bwahahah…. you loved it really 😀

    I have lots of messages from Chii telling me how much she was enjoying each episode….


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  2. chii says:

    I think you need to check your reading abilities…

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