Toriko - 02

Toriko – 02

With the short intro out of the way with the One Piece Crossover episode we dive into the show but the only problem is that we've seen this already! At least those that have seen the ova. The ova covered Toriko's journey to capture the Galara Crocodile so yet again we don't get much new stuff to sink our teeth into. I'm actually really disappointed with the way that they are handling the Toriko series so far.

The world is full of wonder

I hope I don't get tired of his character






Huge chicken bird and a lobster fish!

I love these kind of glorious shots of Toriko









Don't get me wrong though, I'm totally in love with it too but I just don't understand the thoughts of the producers on this one. I kind of understand starting off with a crossover episode with a very popular series. One could say that they were trying to piggy back on the popularity of One Piece to make Toriko appealing to viewers or to give it a head start. But I don't understand making the second episode almost the same as the ova, let alone with less facts on what the show is about. Maybe they plan on making the series nonsense episodics? I hope not...

Now THAT'S a rice ball

I hate snakes... Especially really big ones







Thank you for the food! This will never get old for me. XD

MEAT MEAT MEAT! GUTS GUTS GUTS! I want Toriko to be more awesome! Yeah I'm totally in love with the pumping OP too in case that wasn't obvious from all the meat and guts. I also like the little addition of this "Gourmet News" tacked on after the ED. I love looking at the creatures of this world and really enjoy those cute little card pictures that they are showcased in.


I like this very informative lady






I dunno what I'd do if I saw that in person

Tentacle chicken bird







Mean ol crocodile











Episode 3 you may start making this series super awesome.

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