Top 15 Studio DEEN TV Shows

Top 15 Studio DEEN TV Shows

Picture done by Nakajima Atsuko

digitalboy brings chii back from the dead with a studio post! I first saw his J.C. Staff post and encouraged him to do more saying that I would do so as well. Well here we are! I personally love lists to no end and when they pop up on blogs I can't help but to read. Even if I don't agree with it I'll still read it and be greatly entertained. The only thing I don't like about some lists is having to order them. Making them is the easy part but putting them in order from favourite to least favourite? Ick! That takes a lot of brain power and heartache in some cases.

Studio DEEN has a lot of my top 100 favourites and a lot of favourites that just didn't fit on a top 100 list! Sure some of their stuff isn't all that pretty to look at but honestly that doesn't bother me. Ironically I'm not an animation snob that one might associate with an anime fan. Anime being animation and all and generally that's what is suppose to really impress people, with how pretty it looks. I just want great stories and a decent enough ending. I want to be entertained to the max and honestly all these shows have done so for me in one way or another. Some even don't look that bad!

1. You're Under Arrest

Consisting of 3 series, the first one being the longest at 51 glorious episodes. 6 ova's and specials and I can't only hope that there will be more someday! I really should pick up the manga someday. I can't get enough of this wacky police force. The chicks in it are total bad asses and their male counterparts match them quite well. It's another one of those adult slice of life series that I just can't get enough of!

2. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

We have 2 amazing series plus a bunch of OVA's (one coming this summer YAY) what more could I ask for? Great mystery and just the right amount of cute girls messing around in blood.

3. Kita e ~Diamond Dust Drops~

6 lovely normal everyday girls living out their very normal lives are about to be touched by the Diamond Dust tale. "When the moisture in the air freezes on a chilly day, the air seems to sparkle and shimmer. It is said that to see the diamond dust in its glory means that lovers will stay together forever, friendships will flourish, and dreams will be realized." Each story was rather touching and is just pure awesome. This is not generally an anime that people would peg me to enjoy but it's one of the best I've ever seen.

4. Hetalia: Axis Powers

I like personified countries what can I say? It's super funny too and only 5 minute episodes. I love short series like this! I own mini figurines of 9 characters thanks to my boyfriend as an awesome birthday gift 2 years ago! This series is awesome. Go Canada XD

5. Simoun

The best yuri toned anime by far. (As long as I don't count Puni Puni Poemy anyway) More thoughts here. I've since re-rated this anime 9/10 despite what my review says.

6. Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Umineko follows Higurashi with more twists and turns in a wonderful kind of mysterious way. It also pushes me closer and closer to actually playing the VN's but I will probably just end up waiting for a Season 2 of it instead. It will happen since that seems to be what DEEN is oh so good at!

7. Rurouni Kenshin

Jointed with Studio Gallop, Studio DEEN actually did the "crappy" part of the series but did the amazing OVA's that everyone loves so much. I personally enjoyed even the filler part of Kenshin that they were part of. I enjoyed Trust & Betrayal alright but not to the extent that most others have. Still a great samurai story and worth the watch. Very excited about the upcoming new series attached to this wonderful franchise.

8. Gravitation

Everyone has fond memories of their first of anything. Sometimes anyway lol... Gravitation was my first yaoi series and honestly I know it's really not that great but I've watched it about 5+ times now and I can easily say that nostalgia just won't let me let go of this series. The music is crappy but the drama between those 2 boys is just something else. Not to mention all the other boys in the show! Oh yaoi!

9. Junjou Romantica

First yaoi followed by one of the best yaoi I've ever seen. I can't really explain WHY I enjoyed it as much as I did but well yeah, chii has a BL fangirl inside her that sometimes (rarely actually) escapes~

10. Samurai Deeper Kyo

Ok I know most people actually really dislike this series but I was highly entertained by it through and through. The complaints from it I believe were that it didn't live up to the manga (snort) but since I don't generally read manga I was perfectly ok with how things turned out in the end. I mean really, 2 souls in one body? I'll say awesome to that!

11. Read Or Die OVA

One of my first blind anime purchases and I was not disappointed. I really need to re-watch it actually as it's been 10 years now since I last watched it. I should watch the series that comes after the OVA but well something just keeps stopping me from doing so.

12. Ranma 1/2 (Joint with Kitty Films)

I first watched this series with my best friend then continued it with a past boyfriend to finish it off. Everything about it just makes me remember the "good old days" and I'd love to sit down again someday and watch it again. I'd turn into a lesbian for Shampoo.

13. Jigoku Shoujo

I've actually only seen Season 1 of this series so it may move up in this list a lot once I do. But the first season was highly enjoyable and I actually plan on blogging it soon. (lol I always say this but I seriously will) I love supernatural shows like this and Ai is a delightful tragic girl that I enjoy watching oh so much.

14. Fate/stay night

Cheesy but fun. And honestly "Archer" is dead sexy. The Unlimited Blade Works rekindled my love for the series. But I wouldn't really recommend watching UBW before you watch the series.

15. Get Backers

"For a fee, they will recover any lost or stolen item for a client with "a 100% success rate". That cockiness is what makes me love these 2 men so much. They have awesome superpowers and end up fighting a total awesome bad dude that seriously kicks ass for a baddie.

Other fun information

DEEN shows that I've watched that are awesome too but missed the list: Groove Adventure Rave, Amatsuki, Giant Killing, Nurarihyon no Mago, and Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

DEEN shows I still have to watch that will make this list a top 20 list eventually: Maison Ikkoku, Kyo Kara Maoh, Zipang, Eat-Man, and Touka Gettan

DEEN shows I still have to watch but have NO interest in actually watching them anytime soon: Princess Princess, Amaenaideyo, Shining Tears X Wind, Suteki Tantei Labyrinth, Vampire Knight, and Zenki

DEEN shows I simply can't stand: King of Bandit Jing, Mouse, Seitokai no Ichizon, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Yumeria, and Twilight Q (All are actually on my top 100 hate list)

DEEN shows I was really disappointed by: Shion no Oh, Fruits Basket, Maria-sama, Hatenkou Yuugi, and Code E/Mission E

Angel's Egg is a stand alone movie that DEEN did that is one of the best and most spectacular anime movies I've watched. If I included it in my top list above by joining Umineko with Higurashi (technically I could) it would take spot #6 easily.

Picture done by Kusanagi Yuuri

More studio lists to come! Up next J.C. Staff! (because everyone else has one already LOL)


10 Responses to “Top 15 Studio DEEN TV Shows”
  1. digital boy says:

    I didn’t list the Jing anime because it was hard to tell if they did the whole show or just the OVA with the info on ANN. IIC, it was one of my favorites back in the day, but when I rewatched it later I was horribly disappointed, especially because it’s one of my favorite manga.

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  2. chii says:

    Ya it’s a gray area for sure but I just tossed it in there anyway. Even if they only did the OVA it’s worth being there because that OVA was 10 times worse than the series. I was let down by the series to the point of being too pissed off at it to find anything I liked about it in the end and the OVA just ruined any hope of that further.

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  3. Joojoobees says:

    Studio DEEN gets a lot of crap, but they have produced quite a lot of interesting anime over the years. Everyone should at least watch the first episode of the OVA to You’re under arrest. The chase scene in the beginning is awesome! Unfortunately the TV series doesn’t have the same polish. I guess you can’t really expect it would with TV-sized budgets.

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  4. digital boy says:

    Chii: Wow, really? I actually thought the OVA was the best part of the adaption, mostly being as it adapted my favorite volume of the manga and for once actually covered the whole arc. Then again it still wasn’t as good as it’s counterpart, and since I haven’t seen it since 07, I could be full of shit. Either way my brother still likes the anime so I gave all the DVDs to him a while back lol.

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  5. Shinmaru says:

    Might as well do like I did in Digiboy’s JC Staff post and rank stuff!

    1. Simoun (by far the best thing DEEN has done for me)
    2. Maria-sama ga Miteru
    3. Higurashi (though I’m not huge on it)
    4. Shion no Ou (even though it gets ugly as ass midway through)
    5. Giant Killing
    6. Hetalia (the first season, anyway; the second got boring, so I dropped it)
    7. Hatenkou Yuugi (barely remember it, though)
    8. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (not a huge fan)

    There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve dropped, others I haven’t finished (Fruits Basket) and stuff I haven’t seen (Fate/stay night, Angel’s Egg, You’re Under Arrest, etc.).

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  6. chii says:

    @digital boy maybe i’m just missing something that got lost in translation from manga to anime XD maybe if it was longer and actually ended i might have enjoyed it a little more.

    @Joojoobees more like everyone should watch ALL of YUA XD

    @Shinmaru You should totally check out Angel’s Egg. It’s a great watch and it never hurts to sit down and watch an awesome anime movie!

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  7. TWWK says:

    Maison Ikkoku is wonderful! I hope you’ll get around to watching it one day.

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  8. chii says:

    it’s sitting and waiting on the compy ^_^

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  9. Harbin says:

    Seitokai no Ichizon~~

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