Nyanpire 04

Nyanpire is excited to know Nyantenshi's story

Masumunya is so tsundere~







Cast members go! Let the story begin!

Ok so this episode didn't introduce the last character like I thought it would. Instead we get to watch a puppet like show with Nyanpire and Masumunya being the main leads. Nyantenshi has decided to tell the tail of how he got kicked out of heaven by God because the other 2 "wanted" to know.

Forbidden love between 2 kitties.

Forbidden KISS!







Nyantenshi tells his tail of forbidden love in heaven. When it started I totally knew it was just a Nyantenshi plot to get Masumunya and Nyanpire "closer". Sadly we didn't get to see the best part of Masumunya giving Nyanpire a kiss. Nyantenshi meet a girl who told him a sad story about being engaged to someone against her will. Somehow this turned out to make Nyantenshi believe that she is the love of his life. The funny thing is about the maidens story is that she wasn't maddly in love with Nyantenshi till after she told him her woes about the fixed marriage and how he wanted to help her. Kinda strange but OK! The dude who she was to be married to was a big shot angel for God so of course when he found out Nyantenshi was banished to earth never to see his love ever again! OH NOES!

What a sad Meow Story ;__;

Totally made up! FUFUFUFUFU







Masumunya and Nyanpire when the tail is finished are in tears. Such a sad story of Nyantenshi fate. But then again of course right after they find out that the entire story that Nyantenshi told was total BS. I love troll cat.


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Nyanpire 03

BOOOOOO to the repeat of how Nyanpire came to be as the "OP". I'll survive but well with the repeat of this and the 1:30 long ED (that people love to hate on) that leaves us with only 2:30 minutes of Nyapire awesomeness out of 4:30  minutes! I'm still ok with this but oi oi.

Hey kid, gimmy your fish! I'll make it worth your while...

Meow Wings!








I am Nyantenshi!

Yet another kitty friend introduced this episode. We meet a fallen angel kitty who had some fights with God so now he's an evil angel kitty who wanders the earth trying to make normal "human" kitties fall prey to his tricks. His name is Nyantenshi and I really like his little black wings.

A new kitty friendship

A jealous Masumunya

An evil idea






Because Nyanpire has wings too he thought he had found yet another Meow blood sucking kitty friend. Nyantenshi explains his story, so he and Nyanpire shake paws, they are very happy to meet another winged kitty friend. Masumunya of course arrives to see their little paws joined and instantly gets jealous! ADORABLE! It's a kitty boy love triangle~


Suck my meow blood Nyanpire!








Nyantenshi is such a troll cat.

*Nyanpire burp*

Nyanpire is FULL!








I dunno if Nyantenshi cares about Nyanpire in that way yet or not but I do know with how he acted to make Masumunya even more jealous by letting Nyanpire suck his blood, he likes to be a trickster and play games with kitties. This is probably a good reason why he got kicked out of heaven and all haha. I'll be interested to watch the next episode to see who the next, and final kitty friend will be and what they will act like. Maybe Masumunya will have better love luck with Nyanpire too, but probably not. =^_^=

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The Special Exclusive Club: Anime That Made Me Bawl Like A Little Girl

No manly tears here unlike glothelegend's list. Or so he claims that they were MANLY tears. I personally think they were "Little Girl" tears like mine. I'm generally not one for crying over anime and all but the following 7 anime out of my to this date 2,442 watched anime list, have made me shed plenty of salty water from my eyes. Some just trickled out one at a time slowly, some streamed out fast but ended quickly, some poured out like they would never stop. Actually only one series seriously made me cry non-stop for a good 30 minutes.

Manly tears in a girly way! Image by matataku

Ordered from first anime to the last anime that have made me bawl:

  1. Grave of the Fireflies
  2. s-CRY-ed
  3. Wolf's Rain
  4. Oseam
  5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
  6. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season
  7. Toward the Terra TV

Read below at your own risk since there be spoilers.

Now looking at my list I see 1 typical sad anime that everyone cries at. Or at least I see it mentioned all the time in "What anime has made you cry" discussions. That of course is Grave of the Fireflies. I was really young when I saw it so I really don't remember if I cried all the way through or at certain points. I don't think I'm willing to re-watch it to find out exactly what made me cry either. War based movies IRL always get to me so it was really no surprise that the first anime I cried at was surrounded by war, sorrow, and hardships. Oseam almost falls into this same category but there was no war in it. Just pure melancholy sadness all the way through. If I had to pick the saddest anime ever for someone and didn't want it to sound cliche, I'd pick Oseam hands down. Brothers and sisters sure have it tough in these 2 movies.

Picture by ririnra

Wolf's Rain certainly made me cry but it wasn't because of the actual show that tears came out. I'd like to consider myself a pretty big animal lover. So at the end of Wolf's Rain when all the wolves were "laying" down. I just cried quietly while I was on the couch. Thoughts of my past pets that have passed away poured into my mind and with what I was viewing it was only natural to cry and remember. There is almost nothing sadder than loosing a loved one especially if that loved one is a pet. They become part of your family and there's just an emptiness left when they leave.

If you haven't stopped reading yet I'm VERY serious that there are HUGE spoilers below.

Picture done by potetomayone zu

Character deaths always hit me pretty hard. Especially when I get attached to them. Most of the time I can see it coming like I did in Season 2 of Gundam 00. That's the one anime that made me really angry that I cried at because I knew my favourite character Sergei Smirnov was going to die since S1. I didn't want it to be true I guess but well S2 did everything possible to make me rage cry over his death. I'm just glad I was alone in the room at that moment because it probably would have looked a little silly seeing my reactions to the episode. Scryed for being a super excitable shounen series it certainly pulled the rug out from under my feet when Kimishima passed away as Kazuma carried his injured friend. The crying little girl didn't help make his death any easier. It's always really hard to watch a death happen but it's even harder to keep watching and see the reactions of those that cared about the character. That's when my tears generally start to flow.

Picture by kamu (camui)











Space Opera's have got to be the best genre ever created. Weather it be real life ones like Babylon 5 (totally obsessed with) or anime ones, I become engrossed with the worlds and just gobble it all up like there's no tomorrow. Toward the Terra is the last anime space opera I have sat through and the last anime that has made me shed tears. It wasn't a lot of tears but the way they ended the series with pretty much EVERYONE I loved and cared dearly about in the series dead I just felt soul crushed. All through watching the series I was tangled with tears but none fell until the last episode. While I certainly did love Jomy and Keith a lot, Harley is the death that bothered me the most. He was just a secondary character that was the captain of the Mu's ship and all but I fell in love with his character. He was bold, charismatic, and knew when to take the backseat when it came to leadership. He was always there for Jomy when he needed to bounce ideas off of and always there to be a voice of reason when Jomy spiraled into self doubt. The series certainly wouldn't have been as awesome as it was without the amount of amazing secondary characters surrounding Jomy and Keith's epic battle.

These final moments are happy yet the saddest I've ever seen

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is not only my favourite anime ever but it also holds the title for me crying for at least 30 minutes over it. I had thought of the possibility of Yang Wen-li dying much earlier on in the series but that thought got put onto the back shelf in my mind as I became obsessed with the show upon viewing. When it happened my heart sank. I felt like the world was ending and I had just lost the man of my dreams with it. What made it even worse is how Julian reacted. What doubled that worse feeling is Frederica finding out. Hell even Reinhard getting message of Yang's passing was traumatic. Remember when I said that seeing how people react to a death is worse than actually seeing it? Legend of the Galactic Heroes takes the cake with death reactions for me.

And the tears spilled out like a gushing waterfall

So there you have it. I'm not completely heartless! Which anime has made you cry?

P.S. Anyone who says Clannad After Story shall be subjected to my laughter. ^__^

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Supernatural The Animation – Carry on my Wayward Son

I couldn't help listening to this at the end of every episode. It made me feel like I was sitting down to karaoke with a Japanese business man who takes his singing very seriously. Which is totally awesome.

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Nyanpire 02

I'll wait till episode 3 to be disappointed with the repeat of how our little Nyanpire came to be if it happens as the "OP" again. At the end of episode one I had the fear that it would repeat because we had no real OP but I hoped it wouldn't continue into this episode. Since it did, it will likely happen again in episode 3 but shorts tend to be quite random so I'll hope that I won't have to sit through the few seconds of repeat again. I like the story but it doesn't need to be told to me every single time for a 3 minute short.

Meow Blood, Ketchup, Garlic, YUM! lalala

I AM Masumunya!






*attack* Meow?

*splat* Mew?








This episode we learn that Nyanpire likes to eat all kinds of awesome food along with his Meow Blood of course. Even GARLIC! A vampire repellent so we are told from folklore and legends! None of that seems to matter or effect Nyanpire though. Maybe it has to do with the little cross on his belly.

Meow Blood?!







We get to meet a new kitty friend that goes by the name of One-Eyed Dragon, Masumunya! He of course has a little samurai sword and as the name implies he has an eye patch too. I hate eye patches and all but well, on Masumunya it's adorable. Nyanpire is completely smitten with Masumunya and thinks he's SO COOL even though Masumunya wishes to vanquish the demon cat. Although with how clumsy Masumunya is I don't think he'll be able to do that to our little Nyanpire because he seems to trip a lot and start bleeding everywhere much to Nyanpire's delight.

Lick attack!

Love is in the air.








After Nyanpire lick attacks Masumunya, Masumunya seems to think that he's in love with Nyanpire and wishes they could get to know each other a little better! After a quick interrogation Masumunya realizes that Nyanpire is a dude just like him! Oh those silly cats. What a cute episode. I wonder if Masumunya will still think fondly of Nyanpire in later episodes or if things will just go on like normal from here on out and he'll act like he never had those romantic feelings for Nyanpire.

Nyanpire likes long hair and big boobies!

Oh noes Nyanpire is a dude!







I totally love the ED even though everyone seems to hate it. I'm not sure why people hate on it so much but the main reason seems to be just because it's almost as long as the short its self. I don't quite understand this reason but I never do tend to understand the masses thoughts on certain things like this either. The girl is cute and the song is super catchy. I can't help but to watch it over and over again!


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