Nyanpire 01

Nyanpire 01






A poor little innocent kitten was left for dead. Luckily a vampire came along and saved it by giving some of his blood to the kitten. Now the kitten must fend for its self by finding it's own blood to nomnom so it can survive! Nyanpire is born! I guess even vampires like kittens too.


A Belly Cross!







Nyanpire is all on his own now. Bye bye kind Vampire.

Now Nyanpire lives with a normal human girl that brought him home. Nyanpire can apparently talk to her so she knows when he is hungry! Misaki is the proud owner of her very own Nyanpire! I wonder if we'll ever get to see her face? But that is a fine set of slippers she has.

Give Meow BLOOD!









Nyanpire must feed and he can not wait for Misaki's dinner to be ready. So he raids the fridge to find some sweet, sweet red stuff. I'm not sure if he knew he wasn't drinking blood or not since he did gulp down not only some Ketchup but some Blood Orange drink as well. Didn't seem to realize that is wasn't blood either. It's a good thing Misaki got to him before he could gobble up the dreaded Tabasco Sauce because that would have been disasterous for poor little Nyanpire.


What a bad little Nyanpire.








After a quick scolding over being in the fridge and making a huge mess, Misaki presents Nyanpire with a raw fish dinner. SMELLS FISHY!


Nyanpire is not pleased with his fishy meal.








All in all Nyanpire lived up to my expectations for the first episode. He is darn CUTE! I hope he gets out of his annoying baby talk as the series goes on. He's just gotta grow up a little I think and start living his little Nyanpire life. I can't wait till he meets some new Nyanpire friends along the way! There really wasn't an OP to this short since that was taken care of by his introduction to becoming a Nyanpire but there was an ED that was all live action. It had a very awesome girl singing dressed up like a cat and lovely maid background singers/dancers. It was a very catchy song.

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    2 Responses to “Nyanpire 01”
    1. Mushyrulez says:

      I… uh… how did you write such a long post about such a short show ;v

      That said, Nyanpire is cute, but I dropped it since I don’t like vampires that baptize other people through Christianity. Then again, maybe vampires are just normal people who drank water, but after finding out that Jesus’s Christian blood was actually water…

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    2. Aii says:

      Nyanpire is a GIRL

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