Nyanpire 02

Nyanpire 02

I'll wait till episode 3 to be disappointed with the repeat of how our little Nyanpire came to be if it happens as the "OP" again. At the end of episode one I had the fear that it would repeat because we had no real OP but I hoped it wouldn't continue into this episode. Since it did, it will likely happen again in episode 3 but shorts tend to be quite random so I'll hope that I won't have to sit through the few seconds of repeat again. I like the story but it doesn't need to be told to me every single time for a 3 minute short.

Meow Blood, Ketchup, Garlic, YUM! lalala

I AM Masumunya!






*attack* Meow?

*splat* Mew?








This episode we learn that Nyanpire likes to eat all kinds of awesome food along with his Meow Blood of course. Even GARLIC! A vampire repellent so we are told from folklore and legends! None of that seems to matter or effect Nyanpire though. Maybe it has to do with the little cross on his belly.

Meow Blood?!







We get to meet a new kitty friend that goes by the name of One-Eyed Dragon, Masumunya! He of course has a little samurai sword and as the name implies he has an eye patch too. I hate eye patches and all but well, on Masumunya it's adorable. Nyanpire is completely smitten with Masumunya and thinks he's SO COOL even though Masumunya wishes to vanquish the demon cat. Although with how clumsy Masumunya is I don't think he'll be able to do that to our little Nyanpire because he seems to trip a lot and start bleeding everywhere much to Nyanpire's delight.

Lick attack!

Love is in the air.








After Nyanpire lick attacks Masumunya, Masumunya seems to think that he's in love with Nyanpire and wishes they could get to know each other a little better! After a quick interrogation Masumunya realizes that Nyanpire is a dude just like him! Oh those silly cats. What a cute episode. I wonder if Masumunya will still think fondly of Nyanpire in later episodes or if things will just go on like normal from here on out and he'll act like he never had those romantic feelings for Nyanpire.

Nyanpire likes long hair and big boobies!

Oh noes Nyanpire is a dude!







I totally love the ED even though everyone seems to hate it. I'm not sure why people hate on it so much but the main reason seems to be just because it's almost as long as the short its self. I don't quite understand this reason but I never do tend to understand the masses thoughts on certain things like this either. The girl is cute and the song is super catchy. I can't help but to watch it over and over again!


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    3 Responses to “Nyanpire 02”
    1. Patches says:

      Shorts about cats. Rate this one in comparison to Chii’s.

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    2. Mushyrulez says:

      Maybe because you see this cute, obviously fake, 2D, animated cartoon, and then suddenly three-dee people. It’s creepy.

      That said, hajhhahaahhahahaahah I even wrote in my season preview post ridiculing Nyanpire’s cross, and it turns out HE ACTUALLY DOES IT GARLIC. 🙁 I can like read the future.

      The sad thing about Nyanpire is I don’t even need to watch it, I can just read your posts AND I STILL KNOW EVERYTHING THAT’S GOING ON

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    3. chii says:

      @patches I give it a chiiiii atm ^_^

      @Mushyrulez well i suppose that’s a good thing about my posts. i wanna tell what the show is about and also write my though down on it too. guess that’s a “good” episodic post for ya right there.

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