Nyanpire 03

Nyanpire 03

BOOOOOO to the repeat of how Nyanpire came to be as the "OP". I'll survive but well with the repeat of this and the 1:30 long ED (that people love to hate on) that leaves us with only 2:30 minutes of Nyapire awesomeness out of 4:30  minutes! I'm still ok with this but oi oi.

Hey kid, gimmy your fish! I'll make it worth your while...

Meow Wings!








I am Nyantenshi!

Yet another kitty friend introduced this episode. We meet a fallen angel kitty who had some fights with God so now he's an evil angel kitty who wanders the earth trying to make normal "human" kitties fall prey to his tricks. His name is Nyantenshi and I really like his little black wings.

A new kitty friendship

A jealous Masumunya

An evil idea






Because Nyanpire has wings too he thought he had found yet another Meow blood sucking kitty friend. Nyantenshi explains his story, so he and Nyanpire shake paws, they are very happy to meet another winged kitty friend. Masumunya of course arrives to see their little paws joined and instantly gets jealous! ADORABLE! It's a kitty boy love triangle~


Suck my meow blood Nyanpire!








Nyantenshi is such a troll cat.

*Nyanpire burp*

Nyanpire is FULL!








I dunno if Nyantenshi cares about Nyanpire in that way yet or not but I do know with how he acted to make Masumunya even more jealous by letting Nyanpire suck his blood, he likes to be a trickster and play games with kitties. This is probably a good reason why he got kicked out of heaven and all haha. I'll be interested to watch the next episode to see who the next, and final kitty friend will be and what they will act like. Maybe Masumunya will have better love luck with Nyanpire too, but probably not. =^_^=

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    3 Responses to “Nyanpire 03”
    1. Noodlestein says:

      Love this show 😀

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    2. Mushyrulez says:

      Fuck, this picture makes me declare Nyanpire as officially a good anime.

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    3. chii says:

      hahahaha I know right. it’s like the perfect image ever

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