Nyanpire 04

Nyanpire 04

Nyanpire is excited to know Nyantenshi's story

Masumunya is so tsundere~







Cast members go! Let the story begin!

Ok so this episode didn't introduce the last character like I thought it would. Instead we get to watch a puppet like show with Nyanpire and Masumunya being the main leads. Nyantenshi has decided to tell the tail of how he got kicked out of heaven by God because the other 2 "wanted" to know.

Forbidden love between 2 kitties.

Forbidden KISS!







Nyantenshi tells his tail of forbidden love in heaven. When it started I totally knew it was just a Nyantenshi plot to get Masumunya and Nyanpire "closer". Sadly we didn't get to see the best part of Masumunya giving Nyanpire a kiss. Nyantenshi meet a girl who told him a sad story about being engaged to someone against her will. Somehow this turned out to make Nyantenshi believe that she is the love of his life. The funny thing is about the maidens story is that she wasn't maddly in love with Nyantenshi till after she told him her woes about the fixed marriage and how he wanted to help her. Kinda strange but OK! The dude who she was to be married to was a big shot angel for God so of course when he found out Nyantenshi was banished to earth never to see his love ever again! OH NOES!

What a sad Meow Story ;__;

Totally made up! FUFUFUFUFU







Masumunya and Nyanpire when the tail is finished are in tears. Such a sad story of Nyantenshi fate. But then again of course right after they find out that the entire story that Nyantenshi told was total BS. I love troll cat.


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    4 Responses to “Nyanpire 04”
    1. Inushinde says:

      Why the hell was this as entertaining as it was? Bah, I’m too easily amused by cats reenacting a fall from Heaven through a play…

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    2. chii says:

      I thought the episode was a little boring but I do love Nyantenshi and his trickery 🙂

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    3. Dinara says:

      Nyanpire is so adorable I can’t help but love it! Much like Chi’s Sweet Home it’s something that I cannot help but love due to the cute cats!

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