Nyanpire 08

Masumunya's sexy yukata

Watermelon jealousy!

Nyanpire WANTS RED






We sit through more plots of Masumunya trying to get Nyanpire to return his affection. The setting is a fun festival where all the little kitties get dressed up in their adorable yukata's. Masumunya thought it would be a great idea if Nyanpire wore the same pattern as his. Unfortunately he is very jealous of Chachamaru's watermelon pattern because of course it has red on it.

I spy an issue!

*drools* CANDY APPLE

Knew it...






 Still flustered to win Nyanpire's heart Masumunya now attempt to please him with a candy apple. Of course he picks the GREEN one instead of the RED one so Nyanpire is still upset. One would think that since Masumunya likes Nyanpire so much that he'd at least know what his favourite colour is. It's not like Nyanpire has ever kept it a huge secret anyway since he blurts it out quite often and will eat ANYTHING red.

Masumunya will be awesome!

Don't hit the Buddha!

Yeah guess what he hit...






Masumunya tries again with a shooting game. He can't possibly loose this time! EVERYTHING up there is red! Sadly he manages to get scared by Nyantenshi and his shot goes off hitting the Buddha... Masumunya can't get a break and everyone leaves him at the stand with his prize. Another cute episode of Nyanpire is completed.

Meow friends always.

Friends and fireworks!








Masumunya wanders off dragging his prize onto a hill. Fireworks start to dance in the sky and he feels sad that no one is with him. Fortunately Nyanpire appears along with everyone else. It's no fun watching fireworks all alone!


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chii’s Anime Snack of the Week: Redline

Redline was/is the most anticipated film for fans to sink their teeth into as soon as possible. Especially since it was being produced by MADHOUSE for 7 years, that is definitely enough to ring up a little bit of hype. I'm glad to say Redline doesn't disappoint! If you haven't watched this movie yet I encourage you to do so. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Racers in the distance.

So hyped after the racers flash by!








Positive Points

  • Eye AND ear candy, amazing visuals and a pumping soundtrack
  • Fast paced while racing and keeps you on the edge of your seat
  • Delightful setting where the characters really shine
  • Seriously EYE/EAR CANDY!

"Sweet" JP

"Cherry Boy Hunter" Sonoshee







Sexy cars for sexy racers.

Rare to see the girl in the lead.








Negative Points

  • Might not be your thing if you aren't interested or tolerable about racing
  • The "plot" is very jumbled and hard to figure out what's going on

Looking classy even at gunpoint.

Check out all those legs!







Classy as ever. Nice hat.

Oldman rocks!







Trava makes his appearance

Shinku is as awesomely weird as ever









Why chii thinks you should watch it

If you love characters that push their limits doing what they love this movie is for you. Both JP and Sonoshee have a burning passion for racing and it shows greatly. Sure this movie mostly focuses on racing but in these races ANYTHING goes. So that means lots of dirty tricks are always in the works. We get so many explosions in this movie it's completely awesome. Sometimes you could wonder "Well... They could have done something different here..." Or "I wish this was explained better." But all of that melts away when your eyes take over, shut your brain off and just make you watch. I know my brain was shut off in the first 3 minutes upon starting the film. Thinking too much about what you are hearing and seeing are not needed while watching Redline at all. I do think it is more enjoyed if you sit back and just watch. Do check out Trava - Fist Planet for more adventures in this awesome world that MADHOUSE seems to love to explore.

Angry dude is angry

And the contenders in Redline are








Quirky Redline announcers










This scene was pretty special between these 2

PJ and...

Sonoshee connected by flowers








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Nyanpire 07

Awwww yeah... Suck on Nyanpire!

Meow Blood Friends!







Episode 7 is actually quite boring so I really don't have much to say. Nyanpire is still looking cute as ever as he gets sucked off by 2 little vampire bats. They woke him up from a dream he was having about the vampire that turned him into a little Meow Blood sucker.

Mr. Vampire and his kitty army!

Meow Blood buddies for life!







They all bond over being blood suckers for the rest of the episode. Komori-kun and Mouri-kun are cute but don't really add anything to the already cuteness that is Nyanpire. They try to be little tricksters like Nyantenshi by telling silly made up stories about the vampire but honestly no one can compare to troll cat!

LOL! Best part of the episode.

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Nyanpire 06

Masumunya just happens to see a wedding

Masumunya just won't give up on making Nyanpire his and his alone! Some silly (actually quite awesome) daydreaming occurs while he just happens to witness a wedding in progress across the street from him. The happy couple are leaving the church and Masumunya wishes he could do the same with Nyanpire. I think Nyanpire in a wedding dress looks quite good honestly.

Could? Would?








Of course Masumunya just happens to run into Nyanpire just as he throws his bag of leeks that he is pretending to be a wedding bouquet. Nyanpire is not pleased with the leek bag striking his poor little head but he's got bigger issues that he wants to talk out. Ever since Misaki brought the new kitten Chachamaru home it seems that Nyanpire is in the kitty house all the time. He gets yelled at, blamed for everything, and ignored for Chachamaru instead! How terrible!

Leek bag is not a wedding bouquet!

Nyanpire has issues & Masumunya listens carefully.










Masumunya of course gets to do a little more daydreaming that might just end up with a wedding between Nyanpire and he in the end! If they live together Nyanpire will for sure fall in love with Masumunya right?! I mean if Masumunya does everything that Nyanpire desires nothing could go wrong with this living together plan! Honestly Masumunya should have been in that wedding dress earlier, not Nyanpire!

If you wanted... You could live with ME!

Well? *blush*








Nyanpire hears Misaki calling him for dinner in the distance. Tonight she'll make a lovely dish served with LOTS of ketchup. Nyanpire completely ignores Masumunya and jumps into Misaki's arms to be carried home. But really, was Nyanpire ever really listening to Masumunya in the first place?! XD

Food wins out in the end

Poor Masumunya!

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Nyanpire 05

I am Chachamaru!

You are brothers now! Get along together.

Nyanpire doesn't wanna be replaced with a new kitty!








Chachamaru is a new kitten that Nyanpire's owner Misaki took in for a friend. At first Nyanpire thought she was trading up. This is a similar reaction that children have when their mommy's get pregnant with another baby. I was too young when my sister was born for such jealousy but I can see how a young child would be upset going from #1 to #2 all of a sudden. It wears off quickly though as the 2 learn to get along with each other.

Since I'm your brother I'll take care of you =^_^=

That's ok. I'm good. Don't need your help.








Mmmm ok.. lets eat strawberries!

*burp* I ated it.








As long as they get along that is. At first Nyanpire was all like "YAY! I can treat him like a little brother and protect him and we'll be the best of friends!" But the cute and innocent little Chachamaru is all like "Whatever dude, I really can take care of myself." So then they both end up sitting in silence pondering if they should even bother giving a shit about each other. Well maybe this was more of Nyanpire's thoughts since Chachamaru just ate ALL the delicious strawberries that Misaki gave them to share.

How... How could he?!

Nyapire hates you go away!








Now we all know how much Nyanpire loves strawberries. Actually no we really didn't I guess but we do know that he'll eat anything red to get that Meow Blood rush even though red things don't equal blood. I'll let that slide since it's SO cute when Nyanpire eats red things. Or should I say sucks on them. So because of this is exclaims his hatred for Chachamaru and tells him to leave. Chachamaru of course not caring one way or another leaves.




So many scary things could happen to poor little Chachamaru!

Nyanpire now feels super guilty and starts imagining all the terrible things that could happen to poor little innocent Chachamaru. Something tells me that Chachamaru is going to be the one taking care of Nyanpire since he soon returns with a fresh batch of strawberries to make Nyanpire happy again.

Chachamaru is back!

Chachamaru brings more strawberries! Lets eat!







Very adorable with Chachamaru's last comment as Nyanpire sucked the Meow Blood out of that berry,

"Brother, just eat normally."


Chachamaru is a very welcome adorable addition to Nyanpire's cat harem.

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