Nyanpire 05

Nyanpire 05

I am Chachamaru!

You are brothers now! Get along together.

Nyanpire doesn't wanna be replaced with a new kitty!








Chachamaru is a new kitten that Nyanpire's owner Misaki took in for a friend. At first Nyanpire thought she was trading up. This is a similar reaction that children have when their mommy's get pregnant with another baby. I was too young when my sister was born for such jealousy but I can see how a young child would be upset going from #1 to #2 all of a sudden. It wears off quickly though as the 2 learn to get along with each other.

Since I'm your brother I'll take care of you =^_^=

That's ok. I'm good. Don't need your help.








Mmmm ok.. lets eat strawberries!

*burp* I ated it.








As long as they get along that is. At first Nyanpire was all like "YAY! I can treat him like a little brother and protect him and we'll be the best of friends!" But the cute and innocent little Chachamaru is all like "Whatever dude, I really can take care of myself." So then they both end up sitting in silence pondering if they should even bother giving a shit about each other. Well maybe this was more of Nyanpire's thoughts since Chachamaru just ate ALL the delicious strawberries that Misaki gave them to share.

How... How could he?!

Nyapire hates you go away!








Now we all know how much Nyanpire loves strawberries. Actually no we really didn't I guess but we do know that he'll eat anything red to get that Meow Blood rush even though red things don't equal blood. I'll let that slide since it's SO cute when Nyanpire eats red things. Or should I say sucks on them. So because of this is exclaims his hatred for Chachamaru and tells him to leave. Chachamaru of course not caring one way or another leaves.




So many scary things could happen to poor little Chachamaru!

Nyanpire now feels super guilty and starts imagining all the terrible things that could happen to poor little innocent Chachamaru. Something tells me that Chachamaru is going to be the one taking care of Nyanpire since he soon returns with a fresh batch of strawberries to make Nyanpire happy again.

Chachamaru is back!

Chachamaru brings more strawberries! Lets eat!







Very adorable with Chachamaru's last comment as Nyanpire sucked the Meow Blood out of that berry,

"Brother, just eat normally."


Chachamaru is a very welcome adorable addition to Nyanpire's cat harem.

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