Nyanpire 06

Nyanpire 06

Masumunya just happens to see a wedding

Masumunya just won't give up on making Nyanpire his and his alone! Some silly (actually quite awesome) daydreaming occurs while he just happens to witness a wedding in progress across the street from him. The happy couple are leaving the church and Masumunya wishes he could do the same with Nyanpire. I think Nyanpire in a wedding dress looks quite good honestly.

Could? Would?








Of course Masumunya just happens to run into Nyanpire just as he throws his bag of leeks that he is pretending to be a wedding bouquet. Nyanpire is not pleased with the leek bag striking his poor little head but he's got bigger issues that he wants to talk out. Ever since Misaki brought the new kitten Chachamaru home it seems that Nyanpire is in the kitty house all the time. He gets yelled at, blamed for everything, and ignored for Chachamaru instead! How terrible!

Leek bag is not a wedding bouquet!

Nyanpire has issues & Masumunya listens carefully.










Masumunya of course gets to do a little more daydreaming that might just end up with a wedding between Nyanpire and he in the end! If they live together Nyanpire will for sure fall in love with Masumunya right?! I mean if Masumunya does everything that Nyanpire desires nothing could go wrong with this living together plan! Honestly Masumunya should have been in that wedding dress earlier, not Nyanpire!

If you wanted... You could live with ME!

Well? *blush*








Nyanpire hears Misaki calling him for dinner in the distance. Tonight she'll make a lovely dish served with LOTS of ketchup. Nyanpire completely ignores Masumunya and jumps into Misaki's arms to be carried home. But really, was Nyanpire ever really listening to Masumunya in the first place?! XD

Food wins out in the end

Poor Masumunya!

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