Nyanpire 07

Nyanpire 07

Awwww yeah... Suck on Nyanpire!

Meow Blood Friends!







Episode 7 is actually quite boring so I really don't have much to say. Nyanpire is still looking cute as ever as he gets sucked off by 2 little vampire bats. They woke him up from a dream he was having about the vampire that turned him into a little Meow Blood sucker.

Mr. Vampire and his kitty army!

Meow Blood buddies for life!







They all bond over being blood suckers for the rest of the episode. Komori-kun and Mouri-kun are cute but don't really add anything to the already cuteness that is Nyanpire. They try to be little tricksters like Nyantenshi by telling silly made up stories about the vampire but honestly no one can compare to troll cat!

LOL! Best part of the episode.

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